Friday Roundup: The “I Hope This Is a Sacrifice for ND Football” Edition

Friday Roundup

Those that follow me on Twitter during the offseason quickly become aware of two other major interests in my life outside of football: the WWE and the Texas Rangers. The former is a guilty pleasure that I probably care way too much about (as evidence by the fact I like writing many, many words about it) and the other has always been a part of my life. Think of all those stories you hear about Notre Dame fans growing up and knowing nothing but the love of Our Lady's University and a closet … [Read more...]

Southern Cal’s Sanctions Are Over, but Lane Kiffin Memories Are Forever

Thanks for the memories, Lane! Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

I suppose that Southern Cal fans are rejoicing today: Sure, be happy that you are out of the NCAA doghouse; however, you can never erase the memories that this guy gave us: Earlier this week, Spencer Hall detailed the best memories that Lane gave all of college football. However, simply stating that Lane lost to Tommy Rees just doesn't sum up the joy that Kiffin gave Irish fans. Allow me to fill in the blanks as we walk … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Southern Cal Sugar Babies” Edition

Friday Roundup

So our good friend and former guy in charge around here, DMQ, sent me a great little tidbit about our rival, Southern Cal. They are one of the top universities for "sugar babies", aka the girls going after "sugar daddies" for money. Now, the fun doesn't end there. Not only can we laugh at Southern Cal for appearing on a list of shame, but take a gander at some of the other schools on that list. The Pac 12 is rather well represented as well as some other BCS schools: I'm sure everyone … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “85″ Edition

Friday Roundup

After a successful signing day, Brain Kelly still had one more scholarship available for the 2014 season. That spot has now been filled by Cody Riggs, a Flordia graduate transfer.  The defensive back brings some much needed depth and experience to a secondary that can certainly use it; however, I'm more impressed with the outlook of the program overall.  And it isn't just hitting the 85 scholarship cap either. The class of 2015 has a minimum of 11 scholarships available and that's … [Read more...]

Sark the Shark Makes His Return

In five years at Washington, Steve Sarkisian went 34-29, and led the team to four straight bowls. (Tom Hauck/AP)

Guest post by Oscar McBride Usually, I could give a rip or waste the time and energy on anything that happens at USC, but given the recent developments of Coach Sarkisian’s return to the Southland I couldn’t resist jotting down a couple of thoughts as things progress throughout the week. I predicted Sark’s return to USC back in 2009… not soon after he left for U-Dub. Having the common sense understanding that Lane Kiffin was nothing more than a program band-aid and unfortunately for SC the … [Read more...]