Good Fridays w/Padre: Working Mercy

HLS EFS CSC Francis Trophy

Pope Pope Pope Pope. Is no one aware that we have a football season underway? Well, certainly not the Pope, since his idea of a football is round, you can’t touch it, and you play with it on a pitch. Yes, for Catholics (and, strangely, also for non-Catholics) a Papal visit is very exciting. It is an element of our religion, of our belief system, to recognize the supremacy of the Pope. But it’s also an important element of faith for both Catholics and many, many others, to recognize the supremacy … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Candid Dates

HLS EFS CSC Candid Date

There’s been a lot of talk in the last few days about the debate among the candidates who want to be President. I was President and I didn’t have to debate anybody for the position – I just had to buy the land, build the buildings, bring in students, burn it down, start over…you know, those sort of things. When I retired, I became Superior General so I could give the President orders. I highly recommend this course of action to those seeking higher office. The only debate I had while I was … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Beating the Conundrums

HLS EFS CSC Foot and Basket

It’s an upside down world lately.  I feel like Ferdinand and Isabella when Columbus came back.  I mean I feel bewildered, not greedy and despotic.  If I wanted a comparison for greedy and despotic, I’d use ESPN.  I am bewildered at the odd inversions and reversals of these times.  The football team had a mediocre season, while the basketball team is in the top ten.  The Joyce Center picks up its 600th victory, while the Stadium ended the season with two wrenching losses.  The Stadium is becoming … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: A Tale of Two Teams

HLS EFS CSC Guillotine

It was the best of seasons, it was the worst of seasons; it was a game of touchdowns, it was a game of turnovers; it was the inspiration for belief, it was the cause of incredulity; it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness; it was the autumn of hope, it was the winter of despair; we had a playoff berth before us, we had a second-tier bowl before us; we were in Heaven on earth, we were in a cold, wet Stadium of defeat. Since 1887, we’ve had worse seasons, but few as … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 14): We Injured Ourselves Filming This Episode


I'm only slightly joking with the title. Molly's voice was shot and my back has been killing me since Thanksgiving. This Notre Dame injury curse is real y'all, even bloggers are getting hit. However, the show must go on and, despite terrible, terrible Irish losses, we can't quit now. In this episode, we cover all the "fun" hot topics from the ass-kicking in Southern Cal. We talk about Golson's disappointing performance and the QB controversy with Malik Zaire, take a look at the … [Read more...]