Notre Dame Football: Blue and Gold Game Thoughts and Reactions


Saturday was the 85th Notre Dame spring game and as we all freaked out from the big news of field turf installation, a minor football scrimmage broke out behind the angelic view of Jack Swarbrick. Here are many of my thoughts and reactions to what I saw and heard during the annual retail football event: Tradition Is Dead Alex Flannigan was able to make the biggest announcement regarding Notre Dame football since Jimmy Clausen visited the College Football Hall of Fame: Notre Dame Stadium … [Read more...]

Here’s Your HLS Fan Card


As game ticket prices for all sporting events inch ever skyward, there's a growing concern about gameday atmosphere. Stadia are promoting luxury suites and "improved sight lines" -- but this has some consequences for the ordinary fan (and we'll get to Notre Dame Stadium and our solution in a minute). The Problem In the past year, various reports have been popping up that stadium ushers at both NFL and NBA games have issued "fan card" warnings to spectators who may be disturbing those around … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Loose Change

HLS EFS CSC old stadium

This weekend, Notre Dame Seniors will enter the Stadium where they never saw their team lose this season.  But they won’t be cheering for just another football victory.  They’ll be cheering for a far more important victory – their own graduation.  Keep in mind: football is a nice touch, but our whole purpose here is the education that culminates in graduation.  And that’s why more of our football players graduate here than anywhere else (and by “more” I mean very nearly every single one of … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “It’s All Gravy” Edition

Image Credit: University of Notre Dame

Ah, the jumbotron -- that offseason topic that fires up the Notre Dame fanbase like no other. The outrage and hot takes ranks somewhere right above Shamrock Series uniforms and right below re-gilding the Dome with platinum*. Bayou gave his thoughts earlier this week and I've made my thoughts on tradition and change well known in the past. This Roundup will not re-hash those thoughts. Instead, I wanted to pass along some sage advice my pastor gave to myself and my future bride last weekend: … [Read more...]