Friday Roundup: The “Unlikely Bedfellows” Edition

Via, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Lisa Ann's Instagram account, @thereallisaannxxx

When TMZ decides to email HLS directly about a story they broke, we should know that something crazy will soon motor down the highway for a head-on collision of weird. This week's edition has freshman WR Justin Brent on a date with 42 year-old porn star, Lisa Ann. Honestly, I cared very little for the "shocking" news. I wasn't even completely convinced of the claims of a date as the information TMZ had to prove the claim just came from a "we're told that" and nothing more. So, it could've … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Something I’ve Never Had” Edition

Friday Roundup

In the fall of 1993, at just eight years old, my football obsession started in earnest. However, the college game remained off the radar. Like most kids in the DFW area, I lived and breathed Cowboys football. My grandfather, father, and uncle worked as ball boys on the Texas Stadium sidelines for years. Sundays were for football. That isn't to say the occasional college game would come on the family TV on Saturdays, but it certainly wasn't a priority and I most certainly never understood the … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Signing Away the Heisman” Edition

Notre Dame could be playing between the hedges at Sanford Stadium later this decade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, all potential Friday Roundup topics promptly took a back seat in my brain once Todd Gurley's suspension hit the newswire. Georgia originally announced the suspension as "indefinite", but Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman and his source believe the suspension will only last two or three games. Regardless of suspension length, Gurley will likely bid farewell to any chance of winning the Heisman thanks to this mess. Regardless of where you might stand on the NCAA rule about a student-athlete … [Read more...]

CFB Week 6: A Tale of Two…

Screencap via @SupermanTDJesus

Touchdowns Golson to Brown Golson to Koyack It only took two TDs for Notre Dame to top Stanford. Brown's TD allowed us all to breathe going into the half and Koyack's catch, on a 4th and 11 no less, sent us into jubilation. Turnovers Golson's Fumble Golson's INT Golson struggled once again in protecting that ball. The fumble was once again a result of him holding the ball waaaaaay too far out from his body. The INT was a result of Golson … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Sum of All Fears” Edition

Friday Roundup

I believe that Notre Dame fans can more or less be classified into two distinct groups: those that prefer the status quo and those that embrace and/or desire change. I think it is a more apt description than "traditionalist" and "non-traditionalist" as all Irish fans certain have their own "thou shalt not touch" list when it comes to certain traditions and even standards at Notre Dame. Debates centering around change at Notre Dame infuriate me. Part of it has to do with my steadfast belief … [Read more...]