Irish Blogger Gathering: Let’s Shake This Thing Up


When Subway rode off into the sunset and placed the IBG into my care, he probably didn't anticipate that I'd start tinkering with the thing before the season was even done. However, soon after I took hold, I couldn't help it and the wheels started spinning in my head for how to shake things up again. When another member of the IBG came to me asking for change as well, I took it as a sign to go for it. I threw out an idea. It wasn't hated. So here we go. I took inspiration from the roots of … [Read more...]

8 Big Questions: Where Do the Irish Stand?

A look ahead at Brian Kelly's starting quarterback, Tommy Rees. (Robin Alam/Icon SMI)

Back in August, I outlined 8 big questions that were on my mind for the upcoming season. Now that we are three games in, I wanted to take a look at where the Irish currently stand. 1. Which Tommy Rees will show up? So far, we've seen good Tommy Rees, Touchdown Tommy, Reesus, whatever you want to call the opposite of Turnover Tommy. Thus far, Rees is 65/107 (60.7%) for 969 yards (323 yards/game), 7 TDs, and, most importantly only 2 INTs. Further, only one of those INTs was really a bad … [Read more...]

8 Big Questions for the 2013 Season


With the season nearing ever closer, I started to think of some of the big questions on my mind for the 2013 campaign. While we don't have some of the major burning questions that we did last year (who will be the starting QB?), there are still some unanswered questions coming into season. Here are the eight questions that I came up with as I pondered the upcoming season in glorious non-slideshow form: … [Read more...]

Ranking the Irish Roster: Tex’s Top 25


Every year, Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish does an annual ranking of the top 25 players on the Notre Dame roster. This year marks the second year that I have been able to contribute and, this time around, I wanted to give a break down of my rankings. Thankfully, I don't have to justify ranking a kicker #1 (NEVER FORGET) or leaving our starting QB off the top 25 list (NEVER FORGET THIS AS WELL). So without further ado, let's get to the rankings. … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Defensive Backs

Leading up to the 2012 season, I said that Jamoris Slaughter’s ability to lead Notre Dame’s young secondary would be critical to the team’s defensive success. Well, a popped Achilles, a true freshman running back playing cornerback, and a bunch of Bobby Diaco voodoo later and the Irish put together an excellent season on the back end of the defense. Despite Slaughter being denied a sixth year of eligibility and Zeke Motta being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, the Irish do return the bulk of … [Read more...]