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Welcome Loyal Sons and Daughters to the 2015 Season of Notre Dame Football (videos) with ya boi, @SupermanTDJesus! After a long summer hiatus including a 3-month stint in Ireland, I'm back with the NDFB video content you've all been desperately awaiting all offseason! This year, we're kicking things off with a nice little special feature. In collaboration with the big man @HLS_NDtex himself, we have put together a video dedicated to the 2015 starting Quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Quarterback

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Traditions are good things. Whether it’s field turf or pumped in stadium music, continuity from one year to the next is part of the rich fabric of Notre Dame, college football, and blogging about Notre Dame college football. As a new writer to HLS, I am humbly tasked with beginning this year’s “Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy” series. Over the coming weeks, the HLS staff will home in on one player from a variety of position groups and compare him to the stiffest competition the 2015 schedule can … [Read more...]

How Do We Judge Brian Kelly in 2015?

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The public and constant evaluation of the head coach of Notre Dame football might as well stand with death and taxes in the certainties of life. It comes with the territory and, in this day and age, provides easy fodder for spilling internet ink on blogs, forums, and social media. However, just because this fruit hangs low doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a look at. Looking at a coach's progress and/or expectations is a solid health check for the program in both its current state and the … [Read more...]

Everett Golson Transferring from Notre Dame


Notre Dame Football fans, hold on to your butts because Everett Golson might be leaving his home under the Dome according to SOURCES: https://twitter.com/McMurphyESPN/status/596363143120613376 Update: Of course, as soon as I hit "Publish", this happens: https://twitter.com/McMurphyESPN/status/596368184887922688 https://twitter.com/McMurphyESPN/status/596368627550519296 https://twitter.com/McMurphyESPN/status/596369510455713792 It just so happens that finals are wrapping up this … [Read more...]

Assorted Thoughts from the 2015 Blue/Gold Game

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Notre Dame Football graced us with their annual teaser of football season with the Blue/Gold Game this past Saturday. Of course, this means that it is time for every ND blog in existence to throw out some reactions from the practice game. HLS, of course is no different (save for the fact that I think everyone else already has theirs up), so it is time for me to play my role in this annual rite before we enter the long summer of counting down the days until fall camp breaks. Note: the assorted … [Read more...]