Good Fridays w/Padre: Working Mercy

HLS EFS CSC Francis Trophy

Pope Pope Pope Pope. Is no one aware that we have a football season underway? Well, certainly not the Pope, since his idea of a football is round, you can’t touch it, and you play with it on a pitch. Yes, for Catholics (and, strangely, also for non-Catholics) a Papal visit is very exciting. It is an element of our religion, of our belief system, to recognize the supremacy of the Pope. But it’s also an important element of faith for both Catholics and many, many others, to recognize the supremacy … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 17): Virginia Terror


Molly and I are back with another episode of HLS TV, diving into the absolute scare that was Notre Dame at Virginia. We discuss Malik Zaire's injury and what it means for the Irish, just what happened with the defense, some other assorted thoughts about the Irish performance, and how the Irish will be able to take on Georgia Tech next week. As always, the video is below and the podcast version is just below that. … [Read more...]

The Tragedy of Hope: A Tale from the Virginia Hillside

The end result of watching all your hope crushed. (Screen capture via EPSN)

On a few occasions, I have made the journey into enemy territory to watch Notre Dame football. Typically, the locations are either incredibly hostile or full of fans that are certain that they would defeat the Irish. For reference, here is my away game history: 2004 @ Michigan State (ND win 31-24) 2005 @ Michigan (ND win 17-10) 2005 @ Stanford (ND win 38-31) 2006 @ Southern Cal (ND loss 24-44) 2012 @ Oklahoma (ND win 30-13) Virginia fell into a whole other category. If there was … [Read more...]

Magic Malik: The Irish Impress, 38-3

Malik Zaire (

Before following the leads sparking and arcing from last night's impressive win over Texas, it is important to take a breath and appreciate Notre Dame's win as just that. Home and season openers have not always been smooth operations under Coach Brian Kelly. Yesterday, though, the Irish were mostly spectacular. The story was quarterback Malik Zaire, who had his way with the Longhorn defense and carried himself with a swagger that never seemed ready to implode in a cascade of … [Read more...]


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Welcome Loyal Sons and Daughters to the 2015 Season of Notre Dame Football (videos) with ya boi, @SupermanTDJesus! After a long summer hiatus including a 3-month stint in Ireland, I'm back with the NDFB video content you've all been desperately awaiting all offseason! This year, we're kicking things off with a nice little special feature. In collaboration with the big man @HLS_NDtex himself, we have put together a video dedicated to the 2015 starting Quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting … [Read more...]