It’s All a Matter of Perspective

obi wan

Attempting to analyze Notre Dame's spring game every year is an interesting exercise. While there is certainly a good amount of information that can be mined from the Blue/Gold game, conclusions tend to lie in the perspective that you start with. One person can rave about great QB play and another can be worried about a terrible secondary. One person's great pass rush could be another person's astute observation of terrible offensive line play. Or, as a wise philosopher once said, these … [Read more...]

A Welcome QB Competition


The return of Everett Golson and the emergence of Malik Zaire doesn't constitute a QB controversy.  Quite the opposite. It brings greater confidence in the quarterback position. Last weekend’s annual Blue-Gold Game showcased the considerable talents of Notre Dame’s top two quarterbacks, Everett Golson and Malik Zaire. Instead of crabbing about a supposed quarterback controversy the Irish faithful should be extremely pleased. For the first time in his tenure, Brian Kelly has a QB “controversy” … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football: Blue and Gold Game Thoughts and Reactions


Saturday was the 85th Notre Dame spring game and as we all freaked out from the big news of field turf installation, a minor football scrimmage broke out behind the angelic view of Jack Swarbrick. Here are many of my thoughts and reactions to what I saw and heard during the annual retail football event: Tradition Is Dead Alex Flannigan was able to make the biggest announcement regarding Notre Dame football since Jimmy Clausen visited the College Football Hall of Fame: Notre Dame Stadium … [Read more...]

Jack Nolan Talks Notre Dame Football at ND Dallas Kickoff

ND Dallas Kickoff Banner

Every year, the Notre Dame Club of Dallas gets ready for the upcoming Notre Dame football season with our annual kickoff party. The event allows our membership to enjoy to some food and drinks while we raise money via live auction for our scholarship fund, given annually to local Dallas students that attend ND (as a reference, last year, ND Dallas gave $70,000 out to 22 deserving students). One of the highlights of this event though, is the special guest that comes to talk to the club and … [Read more...]

Ranking the Irish Roster: Tex’s Top 25


Every year, Keith Arnold over at Inside the Irish does an annual ranking of the top 25 players on the Notre Dame roster. This year marks the second year that I have been able to contribute and, this time around, I wanted to give a break down of my rankings. Thankfully, I don't have to justify ranking a kicker #1 (NEVER FORGET) or leaving our starting QB off the top 25 list (NEVER FORGET THIS AS WELL). So without further ado, let's get to the rankings. … [Read more...]