Everyone Hates Michigan Including Michigan

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Some of the folks at Reddit, specifically those of the subreddit /r/cfb, had a little bit of offseason fun. They did a very unscientific poll asking their fellow redditors where they were from and which college football team they hated the most. The poll had some issues with people vote spamming and the whole thing really being another case of the internet being the internet. But because of internet reasons that didn't take another redditor from making the following map from the … [Read more...]

Southern Cal’s Sanctions Are Over, but Lane Kiffin Memories Are Forever

Thanks for the memories, Lane! Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

I suppose that Southern Cal fans are rejoicing today: https://twitter.com/USC_Athletics/status/476431129554079744 Sure, be happy that you are out of the NCAA doghouse; however, you can never erase the memories that this guy gave us: Earlier this week, Spencer Hall detailed the best memories that Lane gave all of college football. However, simply stating that Lane lost to Tommy Rees just doesn't sum up the joy that Kiffin gave Irish fans. Allow me to fill in the blanks as we walk … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Stealing, Disney Style” Edition

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Jameis Winston decided to break up a boring week in the long offseason by stealing crab legs from a local Publix. Winston admitted that he forgot to pay, yet didn't care to go back and correct his error. I'm sure the police asked why he decided just sitting around with pilfered seafood was a good idea. Well, Molly and I put our heads together and figured that it went something like this... The crab legs is always sweeter When it's something you just take. You dream about paying up … [Read more...]

Stocking the Larder: Comparing Recruiting Rankings

Tea Leaves

With National Signing Day behind us, and the Irish larder "full," I thought it might be a fun way to start the week by looking at how our opponents fared and have fared over the last four years. Before I begin, though, I want to explain my methodology, such as it is. First, I decided to use Rivals. I used one ranking site for clarity. Why did I feel that important? Well, for example, Rivals has ND ranked eleventh overall for 2014, whereas Scout has the Irish in at an eyebrow-raising sixth. … [Read more...]

Sark the Shark Makes His Return

In five years at Washington, Steve Sarkisian went 34-29, and led the team to four straight bowls. (Tom Hauck/AP)

Guest post by Oscar McBride Usually, I could give a rip or waste the time and energy on anything that happens at USC, but given the recent developments of Coach Sarkisian’s return to the Southland I couldn’t resist jotting down a couple of thoughts as things progress throughout the week. I predicted Sark’s return to USC back in 2009… not soon after he left for U-Dub. Having the common sense understanding that Lane Kiffin was nothing more than a program band-aid and unfortunately for SC the … [Read more...]