Stocking the Larder: Comparing Recruiting Rankings

Tea Leaves

With National Signing Day behind us, and the Irish larder "full," I thought it might be a fun way to start the week by looking at how our opponents fared and have fared over the last four years. Before I begin, though, I want to explain my methodology, such as it is. First, I decided to use Rivals. … [Read more...]

Sark the Shark Makes His Return

In five years at Washington, Steve Sarkisian went 34-29, and led the team to four straight bowls. (Tom Hauck/AP)

Guest post by Oscar McBride Usually, I could give a rip or waste the time and energy on anything that happens at USC, but given the recent developments of Coach Sarkisian’s return to the Southland I couldn’t resist jotting down a couple of thoughts as things progress throughout the week. I … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “2013 Needs to End” Edition


You know, there are "ow, my balls" moments associated with Notre Dame football and then there is what is happening this year. Ever since the calendar turned to 2013, it's been one disaster after another. I really don't have adequate words to describe it, so I'll let the Big Lebowski do it for … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Manchurian AD” Edition

Manchurian AD

Lack of institutional control...Lane Kiffin...You can't fire him no matter how bad it gets... Mike Garrett shot out of bed in a cold sweat from the same recurring nightmare. It started ever since he lost his job as athletic director at USC, but it turned into a nightly visitor for the past two … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Running with the Devils” Edition

We're really going to drive this angels & demons things in the ground, huh?

Let's face it, when Notre Dame faces off against the Arizona State Sun Devils in their full hellfire attire, the Irish will be facing off against one of the best offenses that they will see in all of 2013. As Bayou discussed yesterday, they have put on quite a show throughout most of their … [Read more...]