Jack Swarbrick Speaks Out on Paying Student Athletes

Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick

Yesterday, Jack Swarbrick had an interview with CBSSports.com's Jon Solomon after an IMG Sports Network panel and it is most definitely worth your time to read. In it, he supports of paying student-athletes for use of their image and likeness. Now, before this causes a freak-out moment in thinking that Swarbrick is about to lead college athletics into a downward spiral, it is important to note that he isn't suggesting student athletes should become similar to minor league players, but rather … [Read more...]

Notre Dame and Michigan: The End


I'm not used to storybook endings for Notre Dame football. That might sound a bit strange for a program full of feel-good lore, legends, and even a movie about a walk-on that managed to record a sack on his only defensive snap. That was all "back then" as many people that love to hate the Fighting Irish will consistently remind me. Recently, the script for Notre Dame football ends in nightmares. The 2012 season, and the events that followed after it, serves as a perfect example. After an … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Sticking It to Michigan” Edition

HLS EFS CSC Swarbrick Sneer

Jack Swarbrick wore the biggest grin on his face since perhaps the conclusion of the 2012 regular season. His masterful plan now public, he opened his bottom desk drawer, revealing a bottle of scotch and glassware. Certainly some might think scotch before ten in the morning on a Thursday a little concerning, but not this day. This is a day for celebration. After pouring his morning beverage, his phone predictably rang. He had been waiting for this. "Hello, this is Jack." "YOU SORRY SON … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Further Trolls Michigan, Schedules Ohio State

ND Ohio State Official

Jack Swarbrick, you are the best athletic director that Notre Dame has ever seen. There is no more masterful troll to Michigan than canning the series, scheduling Texas and Georgia, and now, doing this: https://twitter.com/NDFootball/status/507526191444951040 The dagger couldn't be shoved any further into the heart of Michigan and Dave Brandon. Allow me to express my feelings in a series of GIFs: Now excuse me while I die laughing. … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Stadium Will Have Interlocking ND Monogram at Midfield

The new FieldTurf will keep the traditional lines in the endzone. Photo credit: UND.com

Today, Notre Dame announced details on the FieldTurf that will be installed in the House that Rock Built. One of the biggest questions, whether or not the design of the field would see changes with the new surface has been answered. That answer is yes with the most notable change coming in the form of a midfield interlocking ND monogram logo and a lesser (and surprise, in my opinion) change to add shamrocks at the 35-yard line to mark kickoff locations: "The interlocking ND is the most … [Read more...]