Notre Dame Stadium Will Have Interlocking ND Monogram at Midfield

The new FieldTurf will keep the traditional lines in the endzone. Photo credit:

Today, Notre Dame announced details on the FieldTurf that will be installed in the House that Rock Built. One of the biggest questions, whether or not the design of the field would see changes with the new surface has been answered. That answer is yes with the most notable change coming in the form of a midfield interlocking ND monogram logo and a lesser (and surprise, in my opinion) change to add shamrocks at the 35-yard line to mark kickoff locations: "The interlocking ND is the most … [Read more...]

Notre Dame and Georgia Series Puts Two ND/Texas Games in Danger

Notre Dame could be playing between the hedges at Sanford Stadium later this decade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday afternoon, Notre Dame finally made the rumored Georgia series official via Twitter: While there was certainly much rejoicing about the series, an immediate damper was put on the celebration with an announcement that two future games against Texas were now in danger: You are now likely having one of two reactions: "DAMMIT!" "Wait, isn't ND/Texas … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Relics


In Holy Mother Church (not to be confused with The BVM or your own mother, the first of whom will always care for you, the second of whom will never fail to criticize you) as I was saying, in Holy Mother Church we venerate such things called relics.  The word comes from the Latin relictus, meaning ‘that which is left behind.’  Of course, you’d know that if my University hadn’t dropped the Latin and Greek requirement – you’re all getting weak.  At any rate, a relic is a piece of a Holy Saint, and … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Zack Martin, You Broke My Heart” Edition

Friday Roundup

Some times, I wonder why I love sports so much. They can cause me such pain and even in, what has been a quiet offseason to this point, Notre Dame football still finds a way to troll me. The Dallas Cowboys kicked off their OTAs this week and our best defender, middle linebacker, Sean Lee, when down with what will likely be a season ending ACL tear. So where's the Notre Dame connection? First round draft pick, Zack Martin, was the one that fell on him to cause the … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football: Blue and Gold Game Thoughts and Reactions


Saturday was the 85th Notre Dame spring game and as we all freaked out from the big news of field turf installation, a minor football scrimmage broke out behind the angelic view of Jack Swarbrick. Here are many of my thoughts and reactions to what I saw and heard during the annual retail football event: Tradition Is Dead Alex Flannigan was able to make the biggest announcement regarding Notre Dame football since Jimmy Clausen visited the College Football Hall of Fame: Notre Dame Stadium … [Read more...]