Pre-Friday w/Padre: Book Report

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It may be cool and cloudy here in beautiful Notre Dame, Indiana; but there is warmth and sunshine to be found at the Bookstore in the piece of light reading which I have written for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends of Our Lady’s University.  The book is called Father Sorin Says.  I didn’t select the title, the publisher did (though, to be honest, “Sorin Says” was a game students and I played on the quadrangle…and in the dormitories…and in the classroom...and in … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: The Best of Times

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I don’t watch a lot of television, primarily because I have yet to be convinced that it’s not largely the work of the devil. But every now and then I pass by a working television machine and something catches my eye. Most recently, I saw a promotion for some carnival-esque sideshow called “Best Time Ever.” Well, Freshmen, let me tell you that NBC is blatantly lying. THAT is not ‘the best time ever’.  You are now experiencing The Best Time Ever – brought to you by ND. If you don’t believe … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Break-Its

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So much excitement at this time of year about the Grand Tournament!  Especially this year since our team is, indeed, so grand!  Yet, I am always disturbed by the fixation with these so-called “Brackets.”  In that they are gambling, I remind you all that this is illegal – unless you’re an Alum in the stock market who makes lots of money and donates most to the University.  In that case, gamble away.  In another regard, these brackets somehow seek to make an academic science out of what is merely … [Read more...]

So Why Go? The Importance of Going Bowling


Last week, one of our newest writers, Moons, wrote a solid and well-received piece on whether or not bowl games serve as a "springboard" for success the following season. Moons suggested that a bit of micro-analysis or team-specific inquiry could flesh out his general theory and add a little nuance. In today's piece, I decided to look specifically at the Irish. What I found was that while there was no correlation between a bowl appearance, much less a win, for that matter, and a better record … [Read more...]

L-S-WHO? Irish Defeat Tigers 31-28

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If the 2012 championship game against Alabama was a yardstick applied with gusto to the backside of Coach Brian Kelly's Irish, the 2014 Music City Bowl victory over 23rd-ranked LSU was yet another sort of measure in Notre Dame's journey from relevance to validation. Trading gaudy, gash-y runs and kick returns for shattering, clock-consuming drives, the unranked and injury-riddled Irish bested a ranked-SEC squad for the first time since 1992, unless you count back-to-back wins over A&M in … [Read more...]