Here’s Your HLS Fan Card


As game ticket prices for all sporting events inch ever skyward, there's a growing concern about gameday atmosphere. Stadia are promoting luxury suites and "improved sight lines" -- but this has some consequences for the ordinary fan (and we'll get to Notre Dame Stadium and our solution in a … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: CHARGE!


How perfect it is for the long victory march to arrive at this place, at this time, with these men!  How fitting to face the fiercest foe, the blackest blight of the dark decade now left behind!  Twelve is an ancient number of perfection – and perfect the Fighting Irish will be, as no other team in … [Read more...]

Irish Silence Doubters, Beat Oklahoma

Photo by TJ Jones via Instagram

Notre Dame just keeps taking care of business. In what might be this season's toughest test, the Irish had to be just that, and man did they bring it to Norman, Oklahoma. … [Read more...]

A Less Than Perfect Ending?


No, I'm not talking about what happened with the goal-line stand. That was a special, special moment. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons For Optimism Regarding Notre Dame’s 4-0 Start

Maybe the sweet facemasks are the secret to success. Photo courtesy of @DOCnation_7 via Twitter

Not sold that Notre Dame's 4-0 start will last? Well, maybe some of these stats will change your mind. … [Read more...]