CFB Week 7: A Tale of Two…

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(Apologies for the delay. Typically I try to have this out Sunday, but a needed ND re-watch and the Cowboys actually doing good football things delayed this.) Fumbles Everett Golson, 1st Quarter Everett Golson, 3rd Quarter Everett's first fumble to start the game, while terrible and costly, could be mostly forgiven. You could certainly argue that Golson should have better pocket presence and not step directly into a death trap. Still, that was not nearly as bad as Golson coughing the ball … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Answers Are Imminent


In one of college football's great ironies, Notre Dame fans have shifted from enjoying the Stanford win to anxiously awaiting the results of an academic investigation when North Carolina of all teams is about to head to campus. At this point, it shouldn't be surprising that the "imminent" answers that Brian Kelly expected are still hidden somewhere in FERPA secrecy. While I feel for the Marooned Five, and certainly hope they find themselves out of limbo soon, both myself and the rest of the … [Read more...]

CFB Week 6: A Tale of Two…

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Touchdowns Golson to Brown Golson to Koyack It only took two TDs for Notre Dame to top Stanford. Brown's TD allowed us all to breathe going into the half and Koyack's catch, on a 4th and 11 no less, sent us into jubilation. Turnovers Golson's Fumble Golson's INT Golson struggled once again in protecting that ball. The fumble was once again a result of him holding the ball waaaaaay too far out from his body. The INT was a result of Golson … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Offense: The Cost of Turnovers

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Typically, when Notre Dame has has five turnover game, we pull our hair out because it cost the Irish a win. This week, we pull our hair out because it cost the Irish a blowout against Syracuse. After updating my drive chart this weekend and again taking some calculations on available yards gained, I am even more certain of this fact. This past Saturday's game should have had a storyline of Brian Kelly's adjustments leading to one of the best offensive nights of his era. Instead, the … [Read more...]

CFB Week 5: A Tale of Two…


Years 2008: Notre Dame vs. Syracuse, L 23-24 2014: Notre Dame @ Syracuse, W 31-15 In 2008, Notre Dame managed to win the turnover battle (+2), out-gained Syracuse, and had Jimmy freakin' Clausen at QB, yet still managed to lose against a team that had just fired their coach. There's a reason One Foot Down named this the worst loss of the Weis era. It all but glued Weis' rear to the hot seat in 2009. Last night, Notre Dame lost the turnover battle in a big way (-4) and completely … [Read more...]