Kelly Cares Football 101: A Review


Tuesday, June 10th, I attended my fourth Kelly Cares Football 101 event. This was the fifth year for the women's only clinic which combines a hands-on Notre Dame football experience with a good cause. Proceeds from the event go toward breast cancer education and awareness, one of many causes the Kelly Cares Foundation supports, and one that is near and dear to the Kelly family as Paqui Kelly, wife of head coach Brian Kelly, is a two time breast cancer survivor. I've had many questions over … [Read more...]

Southern Cal’s Sanctions Are Over, but Lane Kiffin Memories Are Forever

Thanks for the memories, Lane! Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

I suppose that Southern Cal fans are rejoicing today: Sure, be happy that you are out of the NCAA doghouse; however, you can never erase the memories that this guy gave us: Earlier this week, Spencer Hall detailed the best memories that Lane gave all of college football. However, simply stating that Lane lost to Tommy Rees just doesn't sum up the joy that Kiffin gave Irish fans. Allow me to fill in the blanks as we walk … [Read more...]

Notre Dame 2014 Opponent Preview: Rice

Credit: The Helmet Project

The summer months are officially here and that means the kickoff for Notre Dame football is creeping ever closer. To celebrate, I'm going to start a weekly preview of each of our opponents. After all, during the season, my energy will be devoted to making fun of our opponents in the Friday Roundup, so the least I can do is give each team some legitimate analysis. First up, the Rice Owls. Vitals Offense Rice's offense is easily the biggest question mark heading into the 2014 … [Read more...]

Golson Wraps Up #QBSharkWeek Camp


Greetings, ND Faithful, and happy Monday! Last year during his time away from Our Lady's univesity, ND Quarterback Everett Golson spent ten weeks with highly regarded quarterbacks coach George Whitfield of Whitfeld Athletix, San Diego. Whitfield has worked with a number of high profile talents including Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, and Johnny Manziel. Golson came back from that experience bigger, stronger, and with a better grip on the football.. Notice Golson’s fingers positioned over the … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Zack Martin, You Broke My Heart” Edition

Friday Roundup

Some times, I wonder why I love sports so much. They can cause me such pain and even in, what has been a quiet offseason to this point, Notre Dame football still finds a way to troll me. The Dallas Cowboys kicked off their OTAs this week and our best defender, middle linebacker, Sean Lee, when down with what will likely be a season ending ACL tear. So where's the Notre Dame connection? First round draft pick, Zack Martin, was the one that fell on him to cause the … [Read more...]