Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way, Everett


In the wake of Notre Dame's shattering loss to Northwestern, the short-comings and failures of the 2014 Fighting Irish touch every position group and go all the way up the coaching tree. But it is with Number Five that I find the most fault, for he has failed to lead the team in any manner that comes across on the field. While Brian Kelly was highly complimentary of his quarterback's leadership following last week's Arizona State loss, I did not see any on display yesterday. There's something … [Read more...]

Finding the Bottom

Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even sure where exactly to start with the mess that was Notre Dame's loss to Northwestern. Typing "Notre Dame's loss to Northwestern" doesn't even make sense to me. The Irish lost and gave up 43 points to a team that hasn't even cracked 30 all season. Iowa blew these guys out. But here we are in what I consider the worst loss since I walked on to campus in 2003. Oh sure, we've lost to worse teams, but those ND teams were objectively terrible. While this team isn't … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Isn’t a Playoff Caliber Team and That’s Just Fine

Seriously, ND isn't in a bad spot. Listen to Mr. Day.

No, this will not be a post that will excuse Notre Dame for a rather terrible performance on the road against Arizona State. No team should turn the ball over five times and expect to win against a ranked team. Period. Beyond the turnovers, Arizona State put a hell of a game together, consistently putting pressure on Golson, notching seven sacks and giving him happy feet the whole game. In the first half, Arizona State ran at a totally different speed than the Irish defense that looked … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Devils Running Through My Head” Edition

Friday Roundup

I have no jokes today. No witty insults to throw at Arizona State. No fictional storylines to throw Notre Dame players into. No, this isn't because I've hit a creative wall. I'm not mailing it in because the audio version of this post debuts on the radio this evening. It certainly isn't for a lack of caring either. It's because the main thing consuming my mind is just simply winning this game. After all, I've preached patience for the past couple of weeks in regards to the playoff … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Devil Went Down to Tempe


The IBG is back once again and getting back to the normal weekly schedule. This weekend, Notre Dame is in a fight for their playoff lives in a top ten matchup on the road. Sound familiar? So it's time for representatives from NDNation, UHND.com, The Fighting Irish Blog, and the godfather of the IBG, The Subway Domer, to put Navy to bed and take a look at what's ahead. Let's get to it. My question: Based on how the rankings this week, do you feel any differently about a too-close-for … [Read more...]