Morning Roundup: June 1, 2015

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Good morning! It's June 1, so we're officially in the month in which Baby Tex is supposed to grace us with his presence (and perhaps change things here at Her Loyal Sons). Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Tex because - let's face it - she's doing all the hard work. We're also less than 100 days away from kicking off the 2015 season and I personally cannot wait to see how Malik Zaire does as leader of the offense. Here are your headlines: FROM OUR … [Read more...]

How Do We Judge Brian Kelly in 2015?

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The public and constant evaluation of the head coach of Notre Dame football might as well stand with death and taxes in the certainties of life. It comes with the territory and, in this day and age, provides easy fodder for spilling internet ink on blogs, forums, and social media. However, just because this fruit hangs low doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a look at. Looking at a coach's progress and/or expectations is a solid health check for the program in both its current state and the … [Read more...]

Chop to the Heart, Golson Transfers to Florida State

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It seems like only yesterday that Everett Golson held the most popular position on the Notre Dame football team: backup quarterback. 2011 marked a season in which fans clamored for the rise of Golson. A struggling and turnover-prone Tommy Rees did what he could after taking over for Dayne Crist; however, the good will created by his 4-0 run to end the 2010 season, including the first victory over Southern Cal in ages, gave way to the desire to see the freshman standing on the sideline full of … [Read more...]

Irish Roulette: Whither Goes Golson?

Notre Dame lineman Jarron Jones, right, chases Florida State quarterback Jameis Winson during the second half. (Photo: Mark Wallheiser , Associated Press ).

Last week, as news broke of Everett Golson's departure from South Bend, we focused on the why. Today, as Monday turns to Tuesday and we wait for summer and our pastures to change, focus is turning to the where. So tell us, Dr. Kübler-Ross, where will he land? Smart money is, for now, on Florida State. In an irony as great as any ever, Golson, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, may not be able to transfer to an SEC school because of that conference's rule prohibiting the transfer of a … [Read more...]

Morning Roundup: May 8, 2015

Big Man on Campus

Good morning! This tweet perfectly encapsulates what transpired in the last 18 hours of Notre Dame football: Golson's announcement was covered in almost every conceivable angle, so let's dive into that first: Her Loyal Sons: Everett Golson transferring from Notre Dame Her Loyal Sons: F***ng Roundup: Can we just have a quiet f***ing offseason for once? I mean honestly. Is that too f***ing much to ask without the f***ing … [Read more...]