Friday Roundup: The “Moving On” Edition


The calendar has finally flipped over into August, a month with actual football. Notre Dame's camp opens on Monday, preseason polls are out, and it time to put the offseason nonsense behind us and get back to focusing on actual football once again. Yes, this also means closing the book on the Eddie Vanderdoes situation. … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Scandal Us

HLS EFS CSC Swarbrick Sneer

At this time in July, as families travel across the country, grade-school children catalog their new experiences so they can write those all-important “what I did on my summer vacation” essays.  At this very same time, across America, sports journalists are sloughing off the blackened husks that used to be their integrity and are skimming the sewers of half-truths and scurrilous gossip, as they prepare to smear Notre Dame in the style of angry chimpanzees with handfuls of their own filth.  This … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: NDNation Answers

In this installment of the Irish Blogger Gathering, HLS paired up with NDNation. Yep. I questioned. El Kabong answered. Let's get to it. For you SEC-students out there, the questions are in bold, numbered, and have a "question mark" at the end of them. You know, the thing you call a "doohickey." 1.) Having lost Golson, evaluate or reevaluate the quarterback position. Is it just too easy to say that we’ve been dealt a huge blow to the offense and we can expect 8-4 at best with Turnover Tommy … [Read more...]

The Eddie Vanderdoes Saga Goes Full WWE

I've been trying to figure out the right words to describe how I feel about the national coverage of the Eddie Vanderdoes situation. No, not those words -- those were to destroy a particularly lazy effort. What I am referring to is this need to find moral outrage in the situation. Whether it is blaming ND, the NCAA, the NLI, Eddie Vanderdoes, or anything else, there is a need to point the finger at someone. Disagree with where the finger lands and additional outrage piles on top of the … [Read more...]