Morning Roundup: Feb. 18, 2015

Good morning! Here are your headlines: FROM OUR SITE Fat Tuesday, indeed...of ND coaching news COACHING Irish Illustrated: Gilmore: No comment on ND move ND Insider: Reports: Notre Dame to add Autry Denson, Keith Gilmore to football staff CBS Sports: Report: Notre Dame to hire Autry Denson (RB), Keith Gilmore (DL) One Foot Down: Notre Dame rounds out new coaching staff Subway Domer: Notre Dame coaching staff: Achievement unlocked Irish Illustrated: Denson returning to … [Read more...]

Morning Roundup: Feb. 7, 2015

van gorder

Good morning! RECRUITING Bleacher Report (Keith Arnold): Brian Kelly opens up on 2015 recruiting class Fansided: Notre Dame recruiting 2015: Who will contribute right away? Irish Illustrated: Adams ready to work Blue & Gold Illustrated: Four preferred walk-ons join Irish Rant Sports: Top 5 offensive recruits Notre Dame landed on Signing Day One Foot Down: 2015 football recruiting: OL & TE review Irish Illustrated: Combining the classes: Defense UHND: How Notre Dame's … [Read more...]

Notre Dame and Michigan: The End


I'm not used to storybook endings for Notre Dame football. That might sound a bit strange for a program full of feel-good lore, legends, and even a movie about a walk-on that managed to record a sack on his only defensive snap. That was all "back then" as many people that love to hate the Fighting Irish will consistently remind me. Recently, the script for Notre Dame football ends in nightmares. The 2012 season, and the events that followed after it, serves as a perfect example. After an … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Notre Dame Fall Camp 2014 Catch-Up” Edition

Friday Roundup

Once WatchND started pumping out Notre Dame football fall camp practice videos, I was all in for breaking each one down. It worked great for the first two practices, but then practice #3 happened and saw the video breakdown was a position profile for the CBs. Don't get me wrong, the feature was great, but a basically started at my title of "Fall Camp Practice Report #3: CB Report" for about an hour and realized there was no way that I could even drag 100 words out of the topic. So I passed … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice #2 Report (August 5, 2014)

via South Bend Tribune

Another day, another practice for Notre Dame football. With the media now locked out of practice, all we have are our small morsels of Jack Nolan and the Fighting Irish Digital Media crew giving us a peak into practice. And, yes, we will happily devour it and attempt to over-analyze it because we have signs of football and we are starving for it, dammit. And now to wring some analysis out of sub-five minute clip: Jack Nolan opened with a … [Read more...]