Daniels Adds Depth, But Was Anything There?

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After a season interrupted by an inability to meet his expectations in the classroom, DaVaris Daniels returned to Notre Dame, only to have his matriculation delayed by inexplicable red-tape issues. While the delay and missed classes may have some importance to the ultimate player's ability to compete in the Fall, I wanted to explore the player's immediate impact, as though he were able to step on the field today. As you will see, Daniels is far-and-away our most experienced wide receiver. If … [Read more...]

Kelly Cares Foundation Presents: Football 101


[Kelly Cares Foundation] Do you have a special lady in your life who needs a little help in the football department? Or maybe she has the general concept of the game of football but would like to refine her knowledge on the rules of the game and strategy involved? Check out this upcoming event benefiting the Kelly Cares Foundation: Football 101. The Kelly Cares Foundation, a charity founded by University of Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly and his wife, Paqui, will co-host the … [Read more...]

Kelly to Call the Shots


Coach Kelly announced earlier this year that he would be taking over offensive play-calling duties for the Irish. He expressed his interest in becoming more involved, perhaps as involved as the 2012-2013 season during which he called plays and the team made it to the national championship game. Play-calling coaches are sort of an endangered species so of course his decision has been met with mixed reviews. Cons include the thought that Kelly may have too much on his plate this season trying … [Read more...]

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

obi wan

Attempting to analyze Notre Dame's spring game every year is an interesting exercise. While there is certainly a good amount of information that can be mined from the Blue/Gold game, conclusions tend to lie in the perspective that you start with. One person can rave about great QB play and another can be worried about a terrible secondary. One person's great pass rush could be another person's astute observation of terrible offensive line play. Or, as a wise philosopher once said, these … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football: Blue and Gold Game Thoughts and Reactions


Saturday was the 85th Notre Dame spring game and as we all freaked out from the big news of field turf installation, a minor football scrimmage broke out behind the angelic view of Jack Swarbrick. Here are many of my thoughts and reactions to what I saw and heard during the annual retail football event: Tradition Is Dead Alex Flannigan was able to make the biggest announcement regarding Notre Dame football since Jimmy Clausen visited the College Football Hall of Fame: Notre Dame Stadium … [Read more...]