Notre Dame and Florida State: OPI for the Masses

Ref and penalty flag

Yes, this is a post about that play or, more specifically, that penalty. We have two weeks to digest the entire Notre Dame and Florida State epic. That game shouldn't be defined by that one penalty nor do I want it to be. However, I'm mad as hell and can't get that moment out of my head so it's time to vent. Today, Brian Kelly mirrored my feelings perfectly as to why I'm so full of piss and vinegar right now: I stand behind … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: This Is the Big One


Well, folks, here we go. It's time for arguably the biggest game of the season and probably one of the few top-five matchups this season outside of the awesome SEC. By now, y'all should know the drill, so I'm going to skip the boring details and jump right into this thing and hit the ground running like I just grabbed some crab legs at Publix. My question: Slow and error-prone starts have plagued the Irish this season (save for an opening TD drive against Purdue). If you're Brian Kelly, … [Read more...]

Stanford: A Different Reason for Hate


As I mentioned on this week's episode of HLS TV, I hate Stanford. Well, perhaps I should back up a bit, if I'm being honest with myself, saying that I hate Stanford is probably a bit much. No, the more accurate description is that I hate this lofty pedestal some Notre Dame fans have placed them on. Recently, Stanford somehow became the embodiment of the "right" way to run a football program and that Notre Dame should copy it. Their "old school, physical style" is somehow the … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Sum of All Fears” Edition

Friday Roundup

I believe that Notre Dame fans can more or less be classified into two distinct groups: those that prefer the status quo and those that embrace and/or desire change. I think it is a more apt description than "traditionalist" and "non-traditionalist" as all Irish fans certain have their own "thou shalt not touch" list when it comes to certain traditions and even standards at Notre Dame. Debates centering around change at Notre Dame infuriate me. Part of it has to do with my steadfast belief … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Offense: Feast or Famine

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 9.12.04 PM

With the first bye week of the season, I finally got some time to crack open the spreadsheets (and populate the whole thing because is now charging an arm and a leg for their drive/play charts) and do a dive into some stats. Originally, this was going to be an exercise into show the available yards gained by Notre Dame in each game. It was an idea planted in my head with Michigan fans crying about total yardage gained. I figured this would more or less show just how well ND's … [Read more...]