Irish Blogger Gathering: Somehow We Had Questions About Purdue


After Notre Dame simply dominated Michigan, I assumed just about everyone in the IBG would ask about that game because seriously, Purdue is next and holy zzzzzzzzzz. However, much like Michigan still failing to score, I have been surprised yet again as the majority of the group actually asked questions about the Shamrock Series opponent. I suppose that makes sense in some way. While I'm sure all of us will rewatch Michigan over and over again with glee, the 2014 season still has 10 more games … [Read more...]

The Irish Blogger Gathering Returns for the Final Hate Week


Yes, everyone, the Irish Blogger Gathering (IBG) is indeed back this season. We took last week off because: I was late in rounding everyone up this season. We decided that we beat the offseason to death already. So now that Rice is in the books, it's go time. This year the IBG has a familiar cast of characters: myself, Mike Coffey of NDNation, Aaron Horvath of the official ND Football blog, Frank Vitovitch of, and the return of The Subway Domer! You may notice Keith … [Read more...]

Brian Kelly Presser: Michigan, Opportunities, and Silver Linings

via @WatchND

Ever the politician, a plaid-suited Brian Kelly sidestepped a question ripe for opposing locker room material. Sure, the end of the Michigan series has opened the door for some very exciting future games for Notre Dame football, but he wasn't about to proclaim it a "good thing" and provide Michigan with additional motivation. Instead, Kelly called future games with Texas and Georgia the "silver lining" of no longer having Michigan on the schedule. Afterward, he looked to the eager press … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Brian Kelly Goes to the Moon” Edition


It's almost time. The thought raced through Brian Kelly's mind as he gazed into his mirror. Clad in a navy-blue suit and gold tie, he clutched his inspiration loosely in his hand. More notes, scribbles, and arrows littered the page than his five-wide goal line section of the playbook. How does one prepare for Rice with Michigan around the corner?  The question plagued him even before fall camp had started. He could only serve so many rice-themed dishes at the training table. It was a … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Game of Titles” Edition

Brace Yourself Blank ND A song of wins and losses shall resume its tune next week. The weekly battles shall resume as shall the feasts, drinking, joy, and pain. Brace yourselves, football is coming. Lord Brian Kelly is looking to lead his once proud house back to its former glory. The house of DuLac was once an undisputed king of the north and their influence extended across the realm. The game has changed and Lord Kelly is trying to change with it in the face of a … [Read more...]