Friday Roundup: The “Notre Dame Fall Camp 2014 Catch-Up” Edition

Friday Roundup

Once WatchND started pumping out Notre Dame football fall camp practice videos, I was all in for breaking each one down. It worked great for the first two practices, but then practice #3 happened and saw the video breakdown was a position profile for the CBs. Don't get me wrong, the feature was great, but a basically started at my title of "Fall Camp Practice Report #3: CB Report" for about an hour and realized there was no way that I could even drag 100 words out of the topic. So I passed … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Horseman” Edition

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Outlined against a clear-blue August sky, the Lone Horseman rode again. In dramatic lore he is known as the Purple-Faced Monster. This is only an alias. His real name is Brian Kelly. He trotted in front of his South Bend squad before which another practice would be held in the friendly confines of the Culver Academies as a handful of Fighting Irish Digital Media employees peered through their camera lenses and over their Twitter devices at the bewildering sight prancing on the synthetic field … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice #1 Report (August 4, 2014)

The Fighting Irish take the field for the Notre Dame Blue Gold game on Saturday, April 21, 2012, at Notre Dame. (James Brosher/South Bend Tribune)

Yesterday, Notre Dame football kicked off fall camp at the Culver Academies. The long offseason is quickly coming to a close and we have some actual football things to look at. Let's dive headfirst with two practice recaps. One from WatchND and another from the Elkhart Truth: Some quick observations: I am so, so happy to see Everett back under center (or back in the gun taking snaps, … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Childs’ Play

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I am hailed as the Founder of Notre Dame; also the first Postmaster (go figure).  These are great honorifics of which I am proud.  But the title closest to my heart has always been Father.  I consider all of you to be my loyal sons – and thanks to Ted’s innovations, loyal daughters.  Indeed, you are all my children.  I’m told there was a beautiful opera by that title, though I don’t recall it in Verdi’s or Wagner’s repertoire. However, though I am called Father, I have never had children of … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Brian Kelly Hates the Goal Line” Edition

New ND Tunnel View

So last week, I spent a lot of time discussing how the change were good and the new FieldTurf is just one example of progress. This week, I realize that I have failed you. Just watch the final time lapse of the FieldTurf installation. Let's see if you notice it: Did you see it? You probably missed it. The distraction of plastic cancer-causing grass, kickoff shamrock logos, and midfield monograms likely distracted you from the truth. Let's try … [Read more...]