HLS TV (Episode 16): New Year’s Joy


Happy New Year, Loyal Readers! Be sure to spend a little bit of time today¬†watching (or listening) to Molly Moran and myself talk about Notre Dame's surprising win over LSU in the Music City Bowl to get your 2015 started off right. Yes, we both predicted a win in the previous episode, but let's be honest, we were both very, very afraid about that claim (which we made without the knowledge that Malik Zaire would be starting!). I don't think I've ever been so happy to take a super optimistic … [Read more...]

L-S-WHO? Irish Defeat Tigers 31-28

Music City Bowl Logo

If the 2012 championship game against Alabama was a yardstick applied with gusto to the backside of Coach Brian Kelly's Irish, the 2014 Music City Bowl victory over 23rd-ranked LSU was yet another sort of measure in Notre Dame's journey from relevance to validation. Trading gaudy, gash-y runs and kick returns for shattering, clock-consuming drives, the unranked and injury-riddled Irish bested a ranked-SEC squad for the first time since 1992, unless you count back-to-back wins over A&M in … [Read more...]

Music City Bowl Predictions

Music City Bowl Logo

Okay, Loyal Readers, it's time to do the prediction thing one more time. In order to get your predictions in, use this handy Google form. Now, full disclosure, I completely had the prediction post slip my mind yesterday, so in the interest of time, I do not have updated standings or HLS staff picks. I thought about pulling quotes, but I don't think I'm ready to relive the Southern Cal disaster on gameday. We will have one final, mega-post later this week to detail the final results as well as … [Read more...]

Malik Zaire Will Start for Notre Dame in Music City Bowl

Malik Zaire takes off on one of the biggest rushing plays of the ND season against Rice.

Molly and I mentioned in our most recent episode of HLS TV that we could certainly be in for some news on Monday for Notre Dame. We thought injury updates might be the biggest thing--we certainly didn't anticipate Brain Kelly announcing that Malik Zaire would be the Irish's starting QB tomorrow afternoon. https://twitter.com/JJStankevitz/status/549648437290221569 https://twitter.com/JJStankevitz/status/549649539360382976 Kelly, though, still made sure to state that Everett Golson would … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 15): Music City Bowl Preview


The Christmas holiday is over, 2015 is rapidly approaching, and the Music City Bowl between Notre Dame and LSU will go down tomorrow. That means it's time to get back to business here at HLS and that business kicks off with another episode of HLS TV. Molly Moran and I return to preview the game, share our thoughts, and give a bit of a primer on what LSU brings to the table, especially in their rushing game. We also tossed in some graphics in this episode, so let us know how you like … [Read more...]

RECORDING: Friday Roundup – Episode 07 (Dec. 19, 2014)

Friday Roundup

Welcome back, Loyal Readers! I hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas and are still enjoying a nice relaxing time with friends and family before Notre Dame takes on LSU this Tuesday at the Music City Bowl. We're still mostly on vacation here at HLS, but will be coming out of our Christmas slumber this weekend to get you ready for the game. Since yesterday was Christmas, there was no earthly way that I was going to prepare a full-fledged Friday Roundup, so instead, I will post last week's audio … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Year in Review and Taking a Week Off” Edition

Friday Roundup

Well, Loyal Readers, 2014 has almost come to a close and with that in mind, it was time for me to get our financials in order so I could pay our staff, make charity donations, and start 2015 planning. Before we get to that though, one order of business: HLS will be taking the week off and will return to you again after Christmas. Simply put, we could all use a break and I want all of us to enjoy Christmas with our friends and families (and you should too!). On the money end, I've always been … [Read more...]

How Will Brian Kelly Pull off a Two QB Offense?

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 9.12.04 PM

As we mentioned yesterday, Brian Kelly announced that the Notre Dame offense would play both Everett Golson and Malik Zaire in the Music City Bowl against LSU. Yes, the dreaded two QB system is here and Kelly didn't completely rule out using it next year either. I'm not overly keen on the idea. The whole "if you have two QBs, you don't have one" has rung true more often than not. Despite that mantra, there are still examples of teams that have pulled it off with varying degrees of … [Read more...]