The Time Has Come to Step Down

BabyTex ND Cry

I honestly can't even believe that I am about to write these words, but, as Bayou said earlier this morning, I have resigned from my post as editor-in-chief of Her Loyal Sons. Before I get started, I want to congratulate Bayou, Moons, and Jude for their respective promotions. HLS is in fantastic hands under their leadership and, really, all of them have already been stepping up to help me out when I've been overwhelmed, which has been often recently (more on that in a bit). Of course, the … [Read more...]

Fare Well, Be Good, Amen.

It has come to my attention that a fine young man named Ryan Ritter is stepping down from his lofty post as the boss of all the bananas here at Her Loyal Sons. I regret this. But I wish him well. Life is not always easy or simple. Mr. Tex (as I called him, with great respect) has a child, a wife, and a that order. He built Her Loyal Sons and has decided that now is the time to move on. I support him, I pray for him, and we should all be grateful for his work. As we say, life … [Read more...]



Tex is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of Her Loyal Sons. It took me ten minutes to form that sentence, such is the suddenness and relative importance of the fact. In the five years I have been writing for this site, Tex has been a constant in my experience. He hired me over a series of emails. He guided me through posting, through administering, and through writing. None of you see the attention he gives his staff. The texts. The emails. The telephone … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs Clemson Review: Defense

Notre Dame’s Jerry Tillery (99), left, and Jaylon Smith (9) bring down Clemson’s Deshaun Watson(4). SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN

Straight from the mouth of Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly (and I couldn't have said it any better myself), "We can’t go on the road and be tentative defensively to start a game." Amen brother. Just think about how different Saturday night's game might have ended had we started it the way we started the four previous games, with a three-and-out possession. But, sadly, that was not the case. How did Notre Dame's defense perform against the Clemson Tigers on Saturday? Let's take a … [Read more...]

#CostumeGameDay Playlist – Week 6

Saturday’s game has left me with a lot of mixed emotions: sad that we lost, mad that the game did not turn out the way I hoped, but most importantly... proud of the team for fighting back and not giving up on each other. With Corey Mays to sum it up best: Hang in there, we still have a lot of season to go @MrsTruj — Corey Mays (@coreyisamaysing) October 4, 2015 On that positive note, I would like to congratulate Brendan McPhillips, from Her Loyal Sons’ Facebook page, on winning Week 5’s … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football vs. Clemson Highlights 2015: ND 22 – Clemson 24


Welcome back to HLS Videos with your oddly calm and collected boi SupermanTDJesus! Yep, even though The Fighting Irish lost, I don't feel anywhere NEAR as terrible as I did last year against FSU. I was at that game (it was pretty much the worst) and I wouldn't wish being in that place on anyone but FSU fans, because it is hot garbage up in Tallahassee. ANYWHO, I feel pretty good because Notre Dame had opportunities to put themselves in position to win or at least have a chance to win and simply … [Read more...]

Misfiring in the Rain: Notre Dame Falls to Clemson, 24-22


Notre Dame's improbable run of success collapsed in a rain-sodden pile of turnovers and false starts at Clemson on Saturday night. The sixth-ranked Fighting Irish arrived in South Carolina as Hurricane Joaquin started to turn out to sea, sending lashing bands of rain into Death Valley. Though their ranking is unknown at the moment, Notre Dame will bring plenty of questions back to South Bend. Among those questions, the ones directed at the offensive line are … [Read more...]

A Quick Note About Malik Zaire & DeShone Kizer

DeShone Kizer, Malik Zaire & that guy who transferred to Florida State.

Tough loss for the Irish tonight. I'll save the analysis for others and just make one point: DeShone Kizer is a more experienced quarterback than Malik Zaire. As crazy as that sounds, Kizer - by my count - has taken 218 snaps under center for the Irish. Zaire broke his ankle on his 212th snap. Here is a breakdown of the last seven major quarterbacks to lead the Irish at quarterback through 212 snaps: Under Kizer's leadership, the Irish have gained 43 fewer yards than they did … [Read more...]