HLS TV (Episode 4): Bye bye bye


Spoiler alert: no one is singing 'NSYNC. However, we do have another episode of HLS TV with special guest and #HLSRecap guru, Irish Elvis. We chat with him about the TCB Poll featured here on HLS and how a crazy week of college football will affect the results this week. We of course, also talk #HLSRecap and give you some insight on its genesis and how to get in on the fun. Finally, we also cover questions from the #AskHLSTV pool gathered over the past week. We talk everything from gameday … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Crazy World of College Football” Edition

Friday Roundup

Bye weeks are a time for reflection and perspective on a season. For me, this usually means that I have time to look back on Notre Dame football, see how far the Irish have come, and see how far they still have to go. This year has been a bit different. Just go take a look at this week's IBG, the questions and answers are full of more "wait and see" themes than usual. Perhaps some of that is due to the bye being so early. Perhaps that is because there's been only one opponent and game we've … [Read more...]

Opponent Watch: Bye Week Edition


Who To Watch Clemson at Florida State (Sat 8:00pm ET ABC) It's a bye week, Irish fans. Hug your spouse, go outside and play with your children...or watch more college football. If recent events are to be believed, nothing will keep Jameis Winston out of Saturday's prime-time clash with Clemson -- neither unsavory female allegations, nor crab leg theft (pictured), nor the obscene remarks he reportedly (allegedly?) shouted from atop a table in the student union this week. Assuming that … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Here Comes the Bye


It's rare that the IBG gets a bye this early in the season, but the rest is quite welcome. Three games is a good sample to look on what Notre Dame football has done and what is still to come. As a reminder, the IBG members (comprised of NDNation, UHND.com, The Official ND Blog, and The Subway Domer) will each ask a question to the panel. We will answer our questions three four and link everyone's answer to our questions. Let's get to it! My question (you might remember this from my … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Unmatched On and Off the Field


Through three weeks, Notre Dame has already blown past expectations for 2014. And they've grossly exceeded moral expectations for any football program, professional or college. The 3-0 record may have been foreseen at this point by many Irish fans, but did we know that there would be two 30-plus point victories? Did we know that we'd have a poor performance against a rival and still find a way to coast to a victory (which is more than we could say at this point in 2012)? Did we know that … [Read more...]

#HLSrecap Top 25: Purdue Game Recap

#HLSrecap Top 25 logo

Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week's #HLSrecap  -- 190+ tweets from 88 contributors, with 39 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have over 320 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year. As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades: Brick Helmet Stickers #HLSrecap Top 25 #HLSrecap MVP Here now is our Athletic Director, @FakeSwarbrick, who is definitely not using the bye week to take … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football 2014: Purdue Highlights


  It wasn't pretty, it was tough to watch at times, and it was downright frustrating. Notre Dame waltzed into Lucas Oil Stadium expecting to flatten a struggling Purdue team fresh off an embarrassing loss to Central Michigan, riding the high of having shut out Michigan for the first time ever just a week before. Instead, the Irish literally limped out of Indianapolis without just about every Safety on the team, a banged up Amir Carlisle, and a hard-fought W. Bye weeks are awesome when … [Read more...]

TCB Poll: Week 3 Reactions

TCB Poll, brought to you by the Elvii of college football

Beginning in 2014, a playoff selection committee will determine which four college football teams play for the national title. Some are skeptical of the committee, so we -- the Elvii of college football -- have joined together to present our weekly playoff nominations. We call it the T.C.B. Poll. … [Read more...]

Purdue Review: Defense

Notre Dame vs. Purdue, Shamrock Series Game (Matt Cashore USA TODAY Sports)

After the Michigan game I was feeling pretty confident in our defense ... but there's always "that" game, after a big win, that you still need to make sure you are "up" for. When our defense came out against Purdue, I was afraid maybe they weren't "up" for this game, but in the second half they definitely proved me wrong. Lets take a look at how the defense performed against Purdue. The Notre Dame defense forced three turnovers against Purdue (while only committing one on offense). These … [Read more...]