Friday Roundup: The “Yeah, We Can Definitely Hate Northwestern” Edition

Friday Roundup

So can we, as Notre Dame fans, really manage to drum up enough hate for a mediocre B1G team? You bet. Quite a few personalities in the college football media make it all too easy. Northwestern touts quite a few alumni that you've likely seen on national outlets and networks. There's also a good chance they've written, said, or tweeted something that's driven you up the wall. Two words: Darren. Rovell. Now, to be fair, it isn't like a Northwestern diploma automatically makes a writer … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Snow


Well, we've had a week to stew on the Arizona State loss and it's almost time to turn the page to Northwestern. Before we do, it's time for the IBG to weigh in. As a reminder, myself, NDNation,, The Fighting Irish Blog, and the godfather of the IBG, the Subway Domer, will pose a question to the group and link everyone's answer while we each field the rest of the field of questions. So without further ado, let's get to it because the sooner we do, the sooner I can forget things … [Read more...]

The SEC is AWESOME Theory – WEEK 11 Update

SEC Is Awesome

DISCLAIMER: Remember, folks – we’re not here to hate on the SEC. The SEC packs a powerful brand of college football, has some of the greatest rivalries and traditions in the game and will forever dominate the BCS-era National Title trophy case. The “SEC is AWESOME Theory” is centered around the statistical advantage the SEC has gained and continues to gain via a financially driven media machine that produces biased polls, rankings and marketing. Breaking news! The Theory has obtained some … [Read more...]

Opponent Watch: Golden State Edition


Who To Watch California at USC (Thu 9:00pm ET ESPN) Still having Pac-12 nightmares, Irish fans? Well, we have one more clash with our arch rival coming up, and you'll get to see how USC fares against a volatile offense and mostly nonexistent defense...of course I'm describing Cal. Depth across the field will be a challenge for the Trojans as the long season takes its toll, but their top line players are as talented as any ND has faced this year. … [Read more...]

It Ain’t Over Yet


Guest post by Oscar McBride After last week's loss to Arizona State my good friend Lisa thought it would be a good idea for me to pen some thoughts, opinions and air some frustrations with you about our football team as we move into the home stretch of the college football season … (Deep breath) Here goes … I would like nothing more than to write some phenomenally brilliant masterpiece for you to digest, especially after Saturday’s loss. Instead, I think the best thing for me to do is … [Read more...]