HLS TV (Episode 3): Notre Dame’s a Survivor


Molly Moran and I are back with another episode of HLS TV! In this episode, we discuss Notre Dame surviving against Purdue in a crazy week of college football. Molly gives us an insight into what the atmosphere was like in the game and if the mood match ours as we were losing our minds on Twitter. And we cover the good, the bad, the frustrating, and wonder just how upset we should be about the Irish's performance in this year's Shamrock Series. You can check out this week's episode … [Read more...]

Purdue Review: Using the “Slash” Concept in the Red Zone

Corey Robinson

With Notre Dame clinging to a three-point lead late in the third quarter against the Boilermakers, Everett Golson connected with Corey Robinson for a 15-yard touchdown. The touchdown was Robinson's first of the season and is a good example of how Notre Dame uses the "Slash" concept in the red zone. What is the Slash concept? Slash is a two-man route combination. The outside receiver runs a seven-yard hitch approximately one yard from the sideline while the inside receiver runs a "Bow" … [Read more...]

Shamrock Series Predictions


Good morning, Irish fans! It's that time of the week once again for us to try to gaze into the future and predict Notre Dame and Purdue. To enter this week, head on over to the entry form. But first, let's see how you did last week. Let's start with the quotes because I'm giving out some bonus points this week: Is Devin Gardner like an 8th year senior? - Philly Kelly I wanted to frame the quote as soon as I saw it last week. Point! When I think of Michigan, I think of Morrie in … [Read more...]

Can’t Make It to the Shamrock Series? Let WatchND Take You There!


For those lucky enough to attend the Shamrock Series this year, I am jealous. The entire weekend in Dallas last year was amazing and I can't wait to do it again someday. If you are like me, though, WatchND can give you a taste of the weekend events. Check out the pep-rally below (direct link): Please enable Javascript to watch this video On Saturday, be sure to check out a live stream of the Fan Fest which will include the Shamrock Series pregame show at 6:30pm ET … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Adieu to Purdue” Edition

Friday Roundup

Well, Purdue, it's been fun. We seem to be making a habit of ending rivalry games this season, but hey, we'll see each other again in 2020 unless Delany decides to go Darth Vader, alter the deal further, and make you play twelve conference games. Actually, I'm sorry I said that. I'm giving him ideas... Anyways, I know this rivalry has been rather one-sided recently. Games have ranged from "well, yeah we won, it's Purdue" to "that was far too close for playing Purdue" to "HOW IN THE BLUE … [Read more...]