Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Coach

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Fittingly, I hope, we end this year's installment of Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy with the position that defines an era: Coach. Years, if not decades, are defined by the men at the helm of the program. Rockne connotes herky-jerky newsreels and chamiponships. Leahy, Parseghian, Holtz, Devine, Willingham, and Weis each conjure images or feelings. Entering his fifth year at the head of Fighting Irish, the big fig himself, Brian Kelly's name is beginning to define the times. One ignores the … [Read more...]

Kelly Speaks: Rice, the Two Deep, and “Limited Democracy”

Kelly Presser

Brian Kelly addressed the media today in a press conference that covered the waterfront that is Notre Dame football. Of course, all eyes, and ears, were on the four players currently suspended as the investigation into academic misdeeds continues, but the kickoff against Rice, the vacant captaincies, and the newly-released Two Deep got as much, if not more, attention. And, if his comments today were any indication, Coach Kelly wants to focus on the players available to him and not on those who … [Read more...]

TCB Poll: Preseason Playoff Predictions

TCB Poll, brought to you by the Elvii of college football

Beginning in 2014, a playoff selection committee will determine which four college football teams play for the national title. Some are skeptical of the committee, so we -- the Elvii of college football -- have joined together to present our weekly playoff nominations. We call it the T.C.B. Poll. … [Read more...]

Leprechauns: The 8th One


Yo peeps, tweeps and Little Nobodies. Biscuit is BACK BABY! And that can only mean one thing. THE LEPRECHAUNS ARE DANCING! Dance, Leprechaun, DANCE BABYYYYYYYYYY! Historically, I'm not that great at predicting the season in detail before seeing a single game. Shocking, I know. That said, I have my good years and individual games as well, and last year I am pretty sure I called as many games FTW as any HLS peep, and I did so BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED. That is, simply, victory my … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football Will Sing the Alma Mater Win or Lose

Win or lose, this will be the scene at Notre Dame Stadium (via

Last season, after a home loss to Oklahoma, there was a lot of confusion as some Notre Dame players hung around for the alma mater while others went into the locker room. To no surprise, this sudden development created massive amounts of anger and confusion with the fanbase. The "tradition" was instituted in 2005 by Charlie Weis who felt that the team should salute the students after the game regardless of the result. Weis also extended this to standing behind any armed forces opponent as … [Read more...]