Friday Roundup: The “Rejected Notre Dame FieldTurf Proposal” Edition

Notre Dame FieldTurf Parody

Earlier this week, Notre Dame unveiled their new FieldTurf design that will debut this season. Jack Swarbrick made some waves by announcing there would be a midfield logo and shamrock kickoff markers, elements of design that have never been seen in Notre Dame Stadium. But if you think that announcement caused an uproar, you should see one of the design finalists that was rejected in favor of what was announced this week. That design was...well, it was certainly different: And yes, … [Read more...]

Notre Dame 2014 Opponent Preview: Stanford

Credit: The Helmet Project

Up this week in our Notre Dame football opponent previews is Stanford. I promise that I have made no phantom whistle jokes or any snide remarks about David Shaw. ...that will come later. Previous Opponent Previews: Rice Michigan Purdue Syracuse Vitals Offense Spoiler alert: Stanford loves running the damn ball. This year will be rather interesting as Stanford lost all their starting running backs, including Tyler Gaffney who rushed for 1,750 yards, and only … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Stadium Will Have Interlocking ND Monogram at Midfield

The new FieldTurf will keep the traditional lines in the endzone. Photo credit:

Today, Notre Dame announced details on the FieldTurf that will be installed in the House that Rock Built. One of the biggest questions, whether or not the design of the field would see changes with the new surface has been answered. That answer is yes with the most notable change coming in the form of a midfield interlocking ND monogram logo and a lesser (and surprise, in my opinion) change to add shamrocks at the 35-yard line to mark kickoff locations: "The interlocking ND is the most … [Read more...]

So Things Look a Bit Different Around Here


As promised, I've working on some changes to the HLS this offseason. We've been long, long overdue for some upgrades, but to do so, I needed to upgrade our theme and clean up quite a bit of the coding. I've done so and, of course, anything that I touch goes straight to hell no matter how much I test things out. I've been able to iron most of the details out tonight, but don't be surprised if you see a few design elements off here and there. However, we've been able to take advantage of a … [Read more...]

Rudy Explains the College Football Playoff

Via @CFBPlayof

This has been a rather busy morning for the powers-that-be of the new College Football Playoff. First, all college teams can put their crystal football dreams to rest. That trophy is no more and has been replaced by the following: Now, that trophy has been met with all kinds of reactions ranging from positive to vulgar female anatomy comparisons; however, the bigger reveal had to be Sean Astin reprising his role as Rudy and … [Read more...]