TCB Poll: Week 8 Reactions

TCB Poll, brought to you by the Elvii of college football

Beginning in 2014, a playoff selection committee will determine which four college football teams play for the national title. Some are skeptical of the committee, so we -- the Elvii of college football -- have joined together to present our weekly playoff nominations. We call it the T.C.B. Poll. … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football 2014: Florida State Highlights

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.09.56 AM

Trust me, I know what you're thinking: (in Kevin Hart voice) "OH MY GAWD NOOOOOOO, NOT THE HIGHLIGHT VIDEOOOOO! WAAAAAH I WASNT REEEEADYYYYYYYY" Look, we have to face it at some point, and believe me it hurts for me too. I WAS THERE MAN. I WAS THERE *breaks down into tears. But the first step on the road to recovery is Acceptance. And what better way to accept the result than with a highlight video that mixes actual football with undermining music? I know of no better way. THIS IS HOW I … [Read more...]

Florida State Review: Defense

Notre Dame lineman Jarron Jones, right, chases Florida State quarterback Jameis Winson during the second half. (Photo: Mark Wallheiser , Associated Press ).

It definitely wasn't the ending we wanted, but it sure was one heck of a game. One for the ages. Notre Dame and Floirda State went head-to-head and seemed evenly matched throughout most of the game. How did our defense match up? Lets take a look! The game on Saturday marked the first time that both teams scored at least 27 points in the history of the Notre Dame-Florida State series, with our defense giving up a total of 31 points. In the first half, the Irish defense did a great job of … [Read more...]

Recordings from Last Two Weeks of “Inside the Game” Are Here


Let's take a trip back to happier times shall we? Robin Valetutto, the DFW Sports Angel, has just sent me the last two weeks worth of recordings (this past Saturday, Oct 18, and Oct 11) in which yours truly was one of the special guest hosts. Below, you will find embedded players from both weeks as well as download links. Remember to subscribe to our podcasts via Podbean and/or iTunes! Also, as I mentioned last week, this has become a weekly thing. So be sure to tune back in to KVCE from … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 8): This One Hurts


Molly Moran and I return for another episode of HLS TV to cycle through some of the Notre Dame football stages of grief. Yes, we talk about that play and Jimbo's strange postgame comments, but we do attempt to move on and talk about the game as a whole and what Notre Dame's playoff chances look like going forward. Today's intro and outro is something you may have seen me post on Twitter after a terrible ND loss. A high school friend of mine, Michael Gruber, manned the audio board for … [Read more...]