The HLS Notre Dame Football 2014 Preview

HLS EFS CSC Head to Head

We've gone through all the opponents, now it's time to focus on our team, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This post will serve as both a primer for this year's Fighting Irish squad and a collection of our preseason work. Let's be honest, you didn't want to do any work today anyways with the first ND football game of the season just a day away. Vitals 2014 Schedule Projected Strength of Schedule Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Coach Opponent Previews: Rice, Michigan, Purdue, … [Read more...]

Opponent Watch: Welcome Back, College Football


The offseason is behind us. We have passed through the barren wilderness wasteland, and before us stretches the verdant Field Turf plain of lush college football goodness. Each week in this space, I'll keep tabs on 2014 Notre Dame opponents, their strength-of-schedule, and who they're playing. For those of who want to scout future opponents, or who just can't get enough college football, I'll take my best guess as to what you should watch when you're not watching Notre Dame Football. … [Read more...]

Josh Shaw Lies about Heroics, USC Hate May Resume

Originally via the Ripist Blog. Now nuked to oblivion after Shaw admitted lying to USC.

First off, loyal readers, allow me to apologize for sullying Her Loyal Sons with Josh Shaw's false story. Not only did I decide to run with the story, but I tried to give you warm and fuzzy feelings about a Southern Cal player. I figured there was no harm in running a story from USC's official freakin' website, but, on Wednesday, that same site posted an official statement that Shaw made up the whole thing. And, in the most Southern Cal thing ever, Shaw retained an attorney, but not just any … [Read more...]

All Aboard the Jaylon Smith Murder Train

Photo: Credit: Robin Alam/Icon SMI

Irish fans, the 2014 season is upon us and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team is set to take on the Rice Owls is mere days! We've suffered through the traditional offseason scandal and are finally ready to watch some damn football. A common theme that has been floating around as we approach opening day kick off has been whether or not our defense will be up to snuff. Do they have enough speed? Can they manage with so little experience against this daunting schedule? Even with … [Read more...]

Notre Dame 2014 Opponent Preview: Southern Cal

Credit: The Helmet Project

We have finally come to the end of our Notre Dame opponent previews with a familiar foe and our biggest rival: USC Southern Cal. The sanctions are over as is the Lane Kiffin era. The Trojans are climbing their way back to full strength with former Washington head coach, Steve Sarkisian at the helm. Let's find out what's in store for the end of the 2014 Irish campaign. Previous Opponent Previews: Rice Michigan Purdue Syracuse Stanford North Carolina Florida … [Read more...]