Autry Denson Takes Coaching Job at USF

Associated Press (1996) Autry Denson ran for 4,318 yards and 43 touchdowns at Notre Dame and was drafted by the Bucs in the seventh round in 1999.

It was announced yesterday that former Notre Dame running back and Miami (Ohio) running back coach, Autry Denson, would be taking over as the USF running back coach for the Bulls. Matt Staton from The USF Matt Blog wanted to learn more about Denson and the type of player he was and type of person he is. He reached out to me last week to get a deeper perspective on Denson. Here are some perspectives on Denson I was able to gather from former Notre Dame players and teammates. Autry Lamont … [Read more...]

Four Early Enrollees Announced, Golson Welcomed to Temptation Island

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Four Enroll Early: Late yesterday afternoon, ND Football (social media) officially announced their first (actual) commitments of the 2015 class: Tevon Coney, Micah Dew-Treadway, Tristen Hoge & Jerry Tillery on board and begin class tomorrow — Notre Dame Football (@NDFootball) January 12, 2015 I'm not one to get overly invested in trying to figure out what these players mean for the program in the short-term. My general opinion: Getting … [Read more...]

RECORDING: National Title Preview on the Friday Roundup with Jack Jorgensen and Ramzy Nasrallah

Friday Roundup

Before the Oregon and Ohio State do battle to decide the national champion of the first ever College Football Playoff, be sure to check out the recent recording of the Friday Roundup. I bring in two guests to help preview the game as well as giving my own take and prediction on the affair. Jack Jorgensen, the lead college sports editor for, helps me preview the Oregon Ducks and #HLSRecapMadness champion and managing partner of, Ramzy Nasrallah, gives his insight … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Offense: A Question of Identity


After reading Moons' excellent HLS debut, I started thinking a lot about one of the corollary questions that inevitably arises with any discussion of the Notre Dame offense under Brian Kelly. While we have loads of stats and trends for the offense, the "identity" question seemingly never gets an answer. In fact, as I listened to the most recent Power Hour this past week, that same question arose without a real answer. Just what does Notre Dame do well and why does it seem that Brian Kelly can't … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Era’s End


So the Freemasons have won.  Or the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Elders of the Priory of Sion – let’s just call them the E-lders of the S-ion P-riory freemasoNs.  They and their Rodent Overlord enjoy a complete victory; they have taken over college football and forced the creation of the playoff system that they have long wanted, and will long broadcast, for lots of money.  I mourn the passing of an era.  Gone are the days when the leading teams from regional affiliations of colleges would compete … [Read more...]