The SEC is AWESOME Theory – WEEK 12 Update

SEC Is Awesome

DISCLAIMER: Remember, folks – we’re not here to hate on the SEC. The SEC packs a powerful brand of college football, has some of the greatest rivalries and traditions in the game and will forever dominate the BCS-era National Title trophy case. The “SEC is AWESOME Theory” is centered around the statistical advantage the SEC has gained and continues to gain via a financially driven media machine that produces biased polls, rankings and marketing. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to carry … [Read more...]

Inside the Game (Recorded Nov. 15, 2014): Larry Pasquale Interview with some ND/Navy Memories, Northwestern Preview


Finally, I'm all caught up in getting KVCE recordings on our Podbean channel and got last week's Inside the Game recording this afternoon. While I know most of us are ready to never think about or mention Northwestern again, I definitely recommend checking out the first half of the show which features an interview with Larry Pasquale, former special teams coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and a former coach of Navy. He was a joy to talk to and he had some cool Notre Dame/Navy memories to … [Read more...]

Predictions: We Are Not Good At This…

Notre Dame Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly leads the team onto the filed before the against the Northwestern at Notre Dame Stadium. (Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports)

So, yeah, this past week was a complete disaster by all of us. Then again, I don't think anyone really saw (save for Steve in Iowa) the disaster that Notre Dame had this past Saturday. However, this show must go on and we must trudge through yet another week of this. As always, you can enter via this handy Google form and I will award points and bonus points accordingly next week. Before we get to the standings in which there was very little movement, here's my favorite quotes from the … [Read more...]

#HLSrecap Top 25: Northwestern Game Recap

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Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week's #HLSrecap  -- 290+ tweets from 151 contributors, with 61 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have nearly 500 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year. As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades: Brick Helmet Stickers #HLSrecap Top 25 #HLSrecap MVP Be sure to read about this week's #HLSrecap Celebrity Guest Editor. Here now is our Athletic … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Getting Back in the Saddle


When it rains, it pours. As if the Notre Dame loss to Northwestern wasn't enough to kick off a rough week, my work week too a serious hard turn into awful as the impending Thanksgiving holiday, plus a load of other things, caused me to bow out from both HLS posting as well as Twitter for most of the week. To say that I am ready for another Notre Dame football game is an understatement. While I'm more terrified than I would like to be, I'm ready to get back in the saddle and I'm hoping the … [Read more...]