Boston College vs. Notre Dame Football Highlights 2015: ND 19 – BC 16

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Welcome back loyal sons and daughters to HLS Videos with ya boi SupermanTDJesus! I cannot lie to you guys, this game SUCKED. It was a comedy of errors, and no one was laughing. With Stanford looming, and the playoff picture steadily clearing up as the season comes to a close, Notre Dame football didn't find a way to stand out against an "inferior" opponent. We shall see on Tuesday what this performs does for their playoff ranking, but I can't imagine it will be pretty. Frankly, I am SO … [Read more...]

No “final, gripping comeback”: Notre Dame Beats B.C., 19-16

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Neither stadia nor uniforms cause teams to win or lose football games, but the Irish faithful spent much of Saturday night seeking scapegoats for their team's lackluster performance against unranked Boston College. In perhaps the ugliest performance of the season, Notre Dame (#4 CFP) was lucky to survive a gritty effort from their little cousins in Chestnut Hill. What meaning the game will ultimately have remains to be seen, as next Saturday's tilt at eleventh-ranked Stanford assumes all of the … [Read more...]

#CostumeGameDay: Shamrock Series

Costume gameday

Today, Notre Dame faces Boston College in the Shamrock Series in Boston. The 2 things I know about Boston College are that it is the “Back-Up College” to Notre Dame and their head coach, Steve Addazio, likes to say “dude” excessively. The Shamrock Series is always a game full of luck for Notre Dame. So, today I’m bringing a new luck with my Shamrock Series #CostumeGameDay outfit. Notre Dame will come out of this game against Boston College victorious and continue on their path to a BCS … [Read more...]

Game Predictions! ND vs. Boston College

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So here we are. Late in a season with national championship aspirations on the line. Standing in the way of another glorious run to immortality sits the Notre Dame Waiting List - Boston College. History will tell you one thing. Your heart another. Your whiskey bottle yet a third. Your spouse/significant other yet a fourth. Who am I kidding. Notre Dame Football is all of our mistress, and we'll follow her blindly. Get your picks in! Fill out this form (do not post your predictions in the … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Parental Advisory” Epsiode

Friday Roundup

I suppose it was only a matter of time before the podcast would go a bit too blue and force me to slap the explicit tag on the feed. This was that episode. Picks with NDEddieMac ventured into the TV-MA territory of language, but I guess that's what happens when Notre Dame is squarely in the playoff hunt and we would really like some other teams to lose? Either way, this episode was a lot of fun to record. After not really being able to keep up with college football news due to travel, I … [Read more...]