Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Offensive Line

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At the end of the day, none of the other position groups matter much if the O-line doesn't establish a line of scrimmage. Without lanes, the running game stagnates and depends upon defensive miscues. Without an adequate pocket, the quarterback cannot progress to the open receiver or intelligently choose to advance the ball with his feet. Without communication and discipline, the offensive line foments flags, sacks, and blown-up plays. Notre Dame was able to win, early, last season, despite an … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Defensive Back


While visions of jumbotrons dance in my head (or are they premonitions? Perhaps nightmares?) time marches forward quickly closing in on opening game for the Irish. There’s no stopping time. There’s no stopping Sark at a fundraiser with an open bar and an open mic. THERE’S NO STOPPING THIS EDITION OF KNOW THYSELF, KNOW THY ENEMY. Today’s topic: VIDEO BOARDS/IN-GAME ENTERTAINMENT …. Okay, no, it’s not. I’m sorry. I got caught up in the moment. Today’s topic, for real, is defensive backs. … [Read more...]

Pre-Friday w/Padre: Book Report

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It may be cool and cloudy here in beautiful Notre Dame, Indiana; but there is warmth and sunshine to be found at the Bookstore in the piece of light reading which I have written for students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends of Our Lady’s University.  The book is called Father Sorin Says.  I didn’t select the title, the publisher did (though, to be honest, “Sorin Says” was a game students and I played on the quadrangle…and in the dormitories…and in the classroom...and in … [Read more...]

Waking Up the Echoes in 2015


[Guest post from former Notre Dame tight end: Oscar McBride] Here we are again Notre Dame Family! Another year filled with promise and excitement for our shot at the 2016 College Football Playoff! Per usual there are some unknowns… and probably the biggest of them all is the pending performance of former Archbishop Alter star and current Notre Dame field general Malik Zaire. The Irish offense boasts the return of big play, Academic All-American Corey Robinson (49 rec.|696 yds.|6 TD); one … [Read more...]

Leprechauns Dance All Up In Your Grill


What's up peeps? I said...WHAT'S UP??????!!!!! Been a while. A long while. Too long a while. And my apologies for that. I've been busy having babies, building a home and dealing with life. What you been up to? Nevermind, I don't have time for it anyway. Sorry, I still love you. Deeply. Biscuit here, with the annual installment of the Dancing Leprechauns. Our 9th attempt to guess the entire season game by game. WATCH EM DANCE BABY! Before we get into this year's predictions, I … [Read more...]