#HLSRecap: Notre Dame @ Virginia, a Twitter Summary

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Only two weeks into helping curate this little bit of Twitter fun and games and I get hit with the doozy of all doozies. Notre Dame @ Virginia was...certainly something. Relive the joy, the pain, more of the pain, and the relief that the Irish pulled out a come-from-behind victory in the waning seconds all over again. https://storify.com/HLS_NDtex/hlsrecap-notre-dame-virginia … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 17): Virginia Terror


Molly and I are back with another episode of HLS TV, diving into the absolute scare that was Notre Dame at Virginia. We discuss Malik Zaire's injury and what it means for the Irish, just what happened with the defense, some other assorted thoughts about the Irish performance, and how the Irish will be able to take on Georgia Tech next week. As always, the video is below and the podcast version is just below that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvKTGk7B8NE … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs UVA Review: Defense


After an outstanding defensive showing against Texas last week, Virginia definitely exposed a few flaws in our defense that hopefully can be swiftly corrected this week in practice. While we won the game, the defense certainly did not give our youthful offense much help. How did our defense fare against the University of Virginia Cavaliers ... let's have a look! The Notre Dame defense allowed Virginia's offense 22 first downs. The Virginia offense had 127 net yards rushing, 289 net yards … [Read more...]

The Tragedy of Hope: A Tale from the Virginia Hillside

The end result of watching all your hope crushed. (Screen capture via EPSN)

On a few occasions, I have made the journey into enemy territory to watch Notre Dame football. Typically, the locations are either incredibly hostile or full of fans that are┬ácertain that they would defeat the Irish. For reference, here is my away game history: 2004 @ Michigan State (ND win 31-24) 2005 @ Michigan (ND win 17-10) 2005 @ Stanford (ND win 38-31) 2006 @ Southern Cal (ND loss 24-44) 2012 @ Oklahoma (ND win 30-13) Virginia fell into a whole other category. If there was … [Read more...]