Notre Dame’s Strength of Schedule Visualized

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Strength of schedule is by far one of our favorite topics to discuss here at HLS. With conference's becoming more insular in their scheduling, the need to trumpet the gauntlet of a schedule that Notre Dame plays in becomes incredibly important to break the conference narrative. Enter Brian Freamau, member of the advanced statistics site, Football Outsiders, who came up with the  efficiency rating, FEI, that is an essential competent of the F/+ rating, which is another favorite of ours to use … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice #2 Report (August 5, 2014)

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Another day, another practice for Notre Dame football. With the media now locked out of practice, all we have are our small morsels of Jack Nolan and the Fighting Irish Digital Media crew giving us a peak into practice. And, yes, we will happily devour it and attempt to over-analyze it because we have signs of football and we are starving for it, dammit. And now to wring some analysis out of sub-five minute clip: Jack Nolan opened with a … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice #1 Report (August 4, 2014)

The Fighting Irish take the field for the Notre Dame Blue Gold game on Saturday, April 21, 2012, at Notre Dame. (James Brosher/South Bend Tribune)

Yesterday, Notre Dame football kicked off fall camp at the Culver Academies. The long offseason is quickly coming to a close and we have some actual football things to look at. Let's dive headfirst with two practice recaps. One from WatchND and another from the Elkhart Truth: Some quick observations: I am so, so happy to see Everett back under center (or back in the gun taking snaps, … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Linebacker

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This is the only position group at which the Irish Player to Watch is a no-brainer. The Irish Player To Watch at linebacker is not just the best player at his position, he may be the best player on the team. But it's the team, and staff around him, that will ultimately decide Notre Dame's defensive fate. With Fall Camp underway yesterday at Culver Academies, first year Defensive Coordinator and inside linebacker's coach Brian VanGorder will have his hands full putting the right pieces in the … [Read more...]

Get Inside: NDInsider’s 2014 Notre Dame Football Annual Review


NDInsider's 2014 Notre Dame Football Annual is on the stands and in the App Store and if you're looking for a comprehensive one-stop shop for all things Irish football, this is it. Brought to you by the South Bend Tribune's "Big Four" writers, Eric Hansen, AlLesar, Tyler James, and BobWieneke, the magazine offers deep content paired with quality writing. At $9.95 plus tax for the paper product, it's a bargain as well. $12.95 gets you the magazine shipped. You can order the print version or the … [Read more...]