Notre Dame Offense: The Cost of Turnovers

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Typically, when Notre Dame has has five turnover game, we pull our hair out because it cost the Irish a win. This week, we pull our hair out because it cost the Irish a blowout against Syracuse. After updating my drive chart this weekend and again taking some calculations on available yards gained, I am even more certain of this fact. This past Saturday's game should have had a storyline of Brian Kelly's adjustments leading to one of the best offensive nights of his era. Instead, the … [Read more...]

CFB Week 5: A Tale of Two…


Years 2008: Notre Dame vs. Syracuse, L 23-24 2014: Notre Dame @ Syracuse, W 31-15 In 2008, Notre Dame managed to win the turnover battle (+2), out-gained Syracuse, and had Jimmy freakin' Clausen at QB, yet still managed to lose against a team that had just fired their coach. There's a reason One Foot Down named this the worst loss of the Weis era. It all but glued Weis' rear to the hot seat in 2009. Last night, Notre Dame lost the turnover battle in a big way (-4) and completely … [Read more...]

Prediction-work Orange


Loyal readers and Irish fans, it's that time of the week again: predictions! This week's form is now live, so be sure to get your picks in and join the fun. Please be sure to use that Google form and not a comment/tweet/Facebook comment because I will only be going off the resulting spreadsheet for my sanity. As a reminder, you will be picking the winner, the spread, the over/under, and a prop every week. Bonus points are given for precise predictions and hilarious GameDay comments. Speaking … [Read more...]

HLS Makes Its Live Radio Debut This Saturday

I will be joining Robin Valettuto on "Inside the Game" LIVE on KVCE 1160 AM this Saturday.

No, not a podcast, but an honest to goodness. solid. strong AM radio signal over the DFW airwaves! I will be a special guest on KVCE 1160 AM this Saturday from 11 AM - 12 PM central time on their sports special "Inside the Game" hosted by the lovely Robin Valetutto, dubbed the "DFW Sports Angel". Not it in the DFW area? No worries, the wonders of the internet will allow you live stream. Check out their site and look for the streaming options at the top of the page (NB: I had issues using … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Moment for Jack” Edition

Do you think he plans it all out, or just makes it up as he goes along?

No, not Jack Daniels--although to be fair, I can't really blame you for thinking booze first in a Roundup post--but I'm talking about taking a moment here for Jack Swarbrick. I feel that, based on recent events, instead of attempting to make fun of Syracuse, I should highlight the wonder of the Athletic Director is Savvy Jack. I'm not sure who coined the term "Savvy Jack", but I do remember the first time that I heard it. The same week that I resurrected the Friday Roundup, its previous … [Read more...]