Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Linebacker

Photo: Credit: Robin Alam/Icon SMI

This installment of Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy takes a look at a player and position group about which the Irish have a lot to be excited in 2015. There is probably no more dynamic position in all of defensive football, as linebackers are called upon to do all things. They've developed into punishingly strong, fast players who are able to drop into pass protection on one play and de-helmet the quarterback on the next. For Notre Dame, its linebacking corps is full of proven talent and … [Read more...]

#CostumeGameDay Playlist-Week 1

HLS Football

Each week, a playlist will be posted to tease the #CostumeGameDay outfit. The songs will be loosely related to what I will be wearing on Game Day Saturday and hopefully get you through the week. Just like Notre Dame’s upcoming season, my 2015 season costume debut is going to be sweet! Sure, we have suffered a couple of injuries here and there along with some changes on the roster, but I do believe that the team will persevere. Just like Brian Kelly said, “Culture Beats Scheme”. Check out … [Read more...]

The HLS 2015 NDFB Season Primer

Joe Happy

Welcome back Loyal Sons and Daughters to HLS Video Day with ya boi SupermanTDJesus! I have three words to kick things off for you guys: IT'S GAME WEEK! Finally, after a long, seemingly eternal, and thankfully less-eventuful-than-usual summer/offseason, NDFB is back in preparations for live games! Notre Dame's Week 1 matchup against the husk that remains of what once was the Texas Longhorns is this Saturday, and it's about damn time we got this 2015 season rolling! Today, I must admit, we … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Defensive Line

Sheldon Day (

One of the key reasons the Irish were comprehensively bested by Alabama in the 2012 title game was the superiority of the Crimson Tide's defensive line. A strong defensive line takes the line of scrimmage away from the offense, disrupting the timing of the running game and taking away the holes through which the backs are meant to run. A dominant one collapses pockets and generates batted balls, tackles-for-loss, and quarterback sacks. They demoralize an inferior offensive line and ultimately … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “From the Road” Episode

Friday Roundup

I knew, at some point, my work travels were going to hose me up and make recording the Roundup rather difficult. Thankfully, I planned ahead for this scenario and made sure that all my equipment would be easily portable. So, in this episode, I am coming at ya from a hotel room because I love each and everyone one of my loyal listeners and loyal readers of HLS. In this episode, I talk ND's new jumbotron, Sark getting stupidly drunk, a strange walk-on situation at Texas Tech, Auburn getting … [Read more...]