Good Fridays w/Padre: Beating the Conundrums

HLS EFS CSC Foot and Basket

It’s an upside down world lately.  I feel like Ferdinand and Isabella when Columbus came back.  I mean I feel bewildered, not greedy and despotic.  If I wanted a comparison for greedy and despotic, I’d use ESPN.  I am bewildered at the odd inversions and reversals of these times.  The football team had a mediocre season, while the basketball team is in the top ten.  The Joyce Center picks up its 600th victory, while the Stadium ended the season with two wrenching losses.  The Stadium is becoming … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Can We Keep the NFL Out of This?” Edition

Friday Roundup

After watching the Dallas Cowboys get bounced from the playoffs after a strange overturn of a Dez Bryant catch (cue Detroit Lions fans laughing at me), I figured I had enough NFL hijinks for the rest of the year. Instead, I've been treated to two solid weeks of a 2 PSI deflation in footballs as well as HOT TAKES on Marshawn Lynch's interview skills. For something so dumb, I have the usual reaction, but the NFL actually managed to make some headlines this week that had potential college football … [Read more...]

Basketball Prognostications, Elations, and Cryptic Tweets


1:56 PM: The following was released to the public:Man... Only at ND! Smh— Everett Golson (@Everett_Golson5) January 28, 2015Obviously, Everett Golson was trying to tell us something, but what? It had to be important. One does not take to Twitter for just any old thought or impulse. When a 22-year old college student "smh"'s, we must all take note. Sadly, no answer from the source would come quickly leaving a public desperate for answers to search deep down in their souls for the truth.I tried a … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs. Duke and Why You Shouldn’t Be Waiting Until March

Legion Basketball

If you've been watching the Notre Dame men's basketball season, you already know. If you haven't been watching this season, let me assure you, this isn't your typical Brey-ball. The burn offense has given way to #DunksDuLac, a much more exciting and athletic offense that many of us have longed for. Of course, that doesn't mean that this team isn't full of threats on the perimeter as well, with the team shooting 40% from beyond the arc. Defense is still a touch lacking and often times the … [Read more...]

Dear ESPN…It’s too Early in the Offseason for Clickbait


We aren't even past signing day yet, but the ACC blog over at ESPN decided it was time to get the Notre Dame clickbait rolling early this year. This particular entry dipped into the "lol Notre Dame sucks" pool by penning a hypothetical, tongue-in-cheek letter from the ACC to Notre Dame. And you know what such a letter deserves? A hypothetical, tongue-in-cheek, smart-ass response from Notre Dame. I'm more than happy to oblige. Dear ACC, Thanks for reaching out to us. It's been a little … [Read more...]