Does Notre Dame Really Only Employ Three People for Athletic Academic Support?

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This evening, I saw what I thought was a very strange factoid pop up in my timeline. Bruce Feldman had claimed that Notre Dame only had three people on an academic support staff for its student-athletes: This didn't make any sense to me at all. For long time readers of this site, you are likely aware that I was a student manager while at Notre Dame. As a manager, I had access to the same academic support as athletes did and boy … [Read more...]

FALSE: Southern Cal CB, Josh Shaw, Suffers Injury after Saving Nephew’s Life

Originally via the Ripist Blog. Now nuked to oblivion after Shaw admitted lying to USC.

EDIT [8/28 1:40 AM ET]: And the story is completely fake. Update and my reaction can be found here. I'm keeping the rest of the article below to keep an honest archive of my reporting. EDIT [8/26 1:46 PM ET]: There is a chance the below story could be false based on information from USC today: I will continue to track this as it develops. - Tex. Usually I don't … [Read more...]

Introducing Park n’ Party

Park N Party

You have probably noticed a new banner on our site this week for Park n' Party who I'm excited to announce as a new partner for Her Loyal Sons. So what do they do? Think of it as Rent Like a Champion, but for parking spots. The only thing worth more than Notre Dame tickets are parking passes for the stadium and library lots. Actually, let's be honest, it's easier and cheaper to find a ND ticket than a parking pass more often than not. At that point, you are stuck in a public lot that … [Read more...]

Notre Dame 2014 Opponent Preview: Louisville

Credit: The Helmet Project

A Heisman candidate departs. A familiar coach returns. A move to a new conference. That is what's in store for the next Notre Dame opponent in our preview series, the Louisville Cardinals. This will be the Cardinals first year in the ACC as Bobby Petrino returns to the helm after his firing in Arkansas thanks to an outing of an affair with an ex-volleyball player and member of Arkansas' athletic department. With an impressive 2013 campaign led by new Texas coach, Charlie Strong, and current … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Teams


Life as a Notre Dame fan is often like riding a roller coaster at the local amusement park. The years are filled with highs and lows and varying types of emotions. This off-season was no different from most other off-seasons. We came out of the spring game on a high of sorts after watching solid performances by both Golson and Zaire, along with some dazzling performances by Greg Bryant, Corey Robinson and Amir Carlisle. It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the future … [Read more...]