#CostumeGameDay: Sweet Season? Notre Dame v. Texas

Costume gameday

  We have officially made it to the 2015 Notre Dame Football season which also means #CostumeGameDay has returned. This week I would like to welcome you to the "Candy Shop", which you may have picked up from the teaser I posted this past Monday. As I mentioned, I believe that this season is going to be sweet! I predict that Notre Dame will defeat Texas 34-17. This game I'm locking in on the nickname #SugarTits. Not so much because of my outfit but because that's what I like to call Brian Kelly … [Read more...]

Notre Dame/Texas Predictions: How Would You Like Your Bevo Cooked?


Now y'all didn't think I'd forget about a Notre Dame prediction post did you? I mean, I know I still haven't fully tabulated the results from last season and I actually 100% forgot about this until Bayou reminded me earlier in the week, but still I totally wouldn't forget this. Anyways, I'm going to keep this short and sweet because we have #CostumeGameDay waiting in the wings and I'm still in the process of #SmokeBevo. Here's how to play: Head to the entry form Fill it all out and … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “#SmokeBevo” Episode

Friday Roundup

We finally made it, y'all, the college football season is here! To celebrate, I only briefly cover some headlines in the final offseason episode of CFB Law & Order so I can get to actual college football. There is a brief rundown of the games from last night, including taking some joy in Michigan pain. To help preview ND/Texas, I brought on Mike Roach from HornSports.com. Hear his thoughts on Texas and just what they are bringing into South Bend and how he sees them matching up against … [Read more...]

How I Met Your Alma Mater: A Letter to my Son

Baby Tex ND Irish Blessing

Son (or as I commonly refer to you on the Internet, #BabyTex--yes, you have a hashtag), The last time I channeled a How I Met Your Mother bit three years ago, I wrote it as if I were talking to my future hypothetical children. A lot has changed since January of 2013. Firstly, the ending of that piece couldn't have been more wrong. To quote Deadspin later in that same month, I got that thing 80% correct. Anyways, a lot of more important things have changed since that time. Namely, your … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Coach

via @WatchND

As kickoff for Notre Dame football approaches, we close out our annual Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy series. In this final installment, we look at the position of head coach. The Irish: Brian Kelly Of course, Kelly gets this by default. Opinions on Kelly are as varied as the Notre Dame fanbase. Regardless of where you may lie on the Kelly love/hate spectrum, the fact is that he is the longest tenured coach at Notre Dame since Lou Holtz. Further, Kelly has never finished .500 or worse, a … [Read more...]