Friday Roundup: The “Struggle Week” Episode

Friday Roundup

ADs are getting fired, coaches are getting suspended, and SEC teams are having issues with FCS and MAC teams. It's just another week of college football. This week, I cover the respective dumpster fires at the University of Texas and Rutgers, give my reactions to week 2, give some thoughts on ND/Georgia Tech, have some picks with my good buddy @NDEddieMac, and previous Roundup guest, Laura Thomas, the ND Sports Blogger, makes a special appearance in the moment of Nix covering hat enthusiast, … [Read more...]

A Preview with Some Buzz to It


  So, no more of me being all sad and depressed about the games. Last week I spent a lot of words explaining why I was sad about the Virginia game even before it happened. The game itself was amazing (well, the very end, let's not speak of the rest right here and now), but the sadness was real. People lamenting the players lost are missing an opportunity to enjoy Will Fuller doing his thing and CJ Prosise becoming one of the most versatile, explosive players in recent Notre Dame memory. … [Read more...]

#HLSRecap: Notre Dame @ Virginia, a Twitter Summary

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Only two weeks into helping curate this little bit of Twitter fun and games and I get hit with the doozy of all doozies. Notre Dame @ Virginia was...certainly something. Relive the joy, the pain, more of the pain, and the relief that the Irish pulled out a come-from-behind victory in the waning seconds all over again. … [Read more...]