Notre Dame Isn’t a Playoff Caliber Team and That’s Just Fine

Seriously, ND isn't in a bad spot. Listen to Mr. Day.

No, this will not be a post that will excuse Notre Dame for a rather terrible performance on the road against Arizona State. No team should turn the ball over five times and expect to win against a ranked team. Period. Beyond the turnovers, Arizona State put a hell of a game together, consistently putting pressure on Golson, notching seven sacks and giving him happy feet the whole game. In the first half, Arizona State ran at a totally different speed than the Irish defense that looked … [Read more...]

Predictions: Let’s Have a Devil of a Time

Credit: The Helmet Project

Apologies for running behind this week, y'all! Let's get your Notre Dame predictions rolling so get your entries in before kickoff through the Google form. As far as last week went...goodness, blood everywhere. Pretty much everyone had an upset and only one person hit the spread correctly! Now that the dust has settled, we have a new leader at the top of the standings. Before we get there though, here are my favorite quotes from the week: Two weeks to prepare for triple option pays off and … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Devils Running Through My Head” Edition

Friday Roundup

I have no jokes today. No witty insults to throw at Arizona State. No fictional storylines to throw Notre Dame players into. No, this isn't because I've hit a creative wall. I'm not mailing it in because the audio version of this post debuts on the radio this evening. It certainly isn't for a lack of caring either. It's because the main thing consuming my mind is just simply winning this game. After all, I've preached patience for the past couple of weeks in regards to the playoff … [Read more...]

#HLSrecap Top 25: Navy Recap

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Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week's #HLSrecap  -- 130+ tweets from 71 contributors, with 9 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have nearly 400 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year. As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades: Brick Helmet Stickers #HLSrecap Top 25 #HLSrecap MVP Be sure to read about this week's #HLSrecap Celebrity Guest Editor. Here now is our Athletic … [Read more...]

The Biases That Work Against Us


Guest Post by the ND Squirrel Domers: Undoubtedly, we're all frustrated with the perception of Notre Dame and the biases that work against us. Either directly or indirectly. With the playoff rankings. We want to cry "foul" and "unfair". I still maintain that a 2-loss or 1-loss SEC team and every 1 loss non-SEC power 5 conference team will beat us out for the top 4 ... assuming of course that we win out. Wins only matter if they're the right wins and you're better off wailing on a … [Read more...]