Putting Aaron Lynch Rumors To Rest

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Just want to get top of this before it gets wild — Aaron Lynch has reached out to the coaching staff about possibly making a return to Notre Dame, as he been a little disappointed in his decision to leave the University (what did you expect?). There is zero, zero, ZERO chance that he makes a return. First off, there is NCAA rules in place that say you can’t transfer back to a school where you transferred from already…there ARE exceptions that can be made on occasion (USF just fired Skip Holtz, so that could be argued), but here’s what’s important: the coaching staff and the team want nothing to do with the kid. He rubbed far too many people the wrong way at Notre Dame (remember what I said when he decided to leave? http://www.herloyalsons.com/blog/2012/04/13/lynch-to-leave-nd/ ) and everyone is pretty glad he left. He was NOT good for the team’s chemistry, and his trouble was far too much to deal with. The coaching staff has respectfully said no, we have moved on.

I know a lot of people liked him from a football standpoint, but to me he was truly one-dimensional. A excellent pass rusher for sure, but couldn’t stop the run for his life (the #1 reason why our D is so excellent this year), and had no discipline at all — he was a walking personal foul. Notre Dame fans should be glad we have parted ways.

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