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So hear me out, MSU struggles against Boise State (lost a ton of starters, as well as the winningest QB in NCAA history, don’t really know what they are right now), dominated Central Michigan (as they should have, because, seriously, Central Michigan), but they’re the #10 team in the country and ND is going to have to play a perfect game to win??? C’mon man! I’m not saying MSU is not good, but looking like world beaters against Directional Michigan and sloppy and slow against Boise State does not equal steamrolling ND in my book.
ND dominated Navy (quirky offense, more difficult to play than most people give them credit for) and slugged it out with Purdue (much better than anyone gave them credit for, probably will make noise in the B1G this year), meaning, I would argue, that ND has had the MUCH tougher schedule at this point in the season.
Is ND going to have to play great to win? Hell yes, and I hope they do, my heart can’t take this close game stuff. That said, I hope Sparty shows up thinking that they are going to be able to roll ND, because they’re gonna get worked on primetime ESPN if they don’t take ND seriously.
I think it will be a close game, because, let’s face it, ndfootballisdeterminedtokillme, but I think ND wins by a TD, something like 24-17.
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