Notre Dame's National Perception

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Living in Texas, it always fascinates me to listen to our local sports station talk college football, especially when Notre Dame gets involved. It’s mostly ignorant in nature, but to me, it speaks volumes about our national perception “outside the bubble”, especially when these same folks can talk rather knowledgeably about the Big XII, SEC, and even some B1G and Pac 12 teams.

Some of the common things I hear from them are:

  • This isn’t 1988 anymore
  • ND plays all the service academies
  • ND doesn’t have the talent of most SEC and Big XII schools
  • ND doesn’t have the speed of most SEC and Big XII schools
  • ND can’t recruit — no one wants to come to ND

Of course, this is similar drivel that we’ve heard before from national talking heads. Take your pick: Mark May, Rick Rielly, , and even College Gameday which will arrive on campus this weekend.

I’m really wondering how we got to this point. Yes, I understand having a poor product on the field didn’t help, but if Notre Dame is truly a national brand it’s done a horrid job of spreading its own “propaganda” if you will to combat this.

Obviously, we can point to ESPN as not helping. After all, our biggest supporter is Lou Holtz, and, while I love him dearly, he’s role is really a diminished character of his old self that very few take seriously. So when Holtz talks ND, it’s a joke to everyone else no matter how right he is — and don’t expect Mark May to ever take up that banner, it would break his “character” as well.

However, despite what ESPN does, ND has the NBC contract and a true national fanbase. You would think that alone should help turn the tide, but it hasn’t.

What does everyone else think? Where in the world did this go so wrong that, despite all the obvious evidence to the contrary, the same crap is spewed year after year?

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