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This post is for all those people that root for “their” team the entire season against the hated rivals of their conference and then turn that loyalty to that very team.

The Irish had an unbelievable season and one that quite frankly, I will talk about similarly to the 87, 88, 89, 90 and 93 seasons. There are plays against Stanford, USC and Oklahoma that I will remember far too long and tell far too many stories about in a pub, late at night. We won close games that could have gone either way. We beat tough opponents at home and on the road. We lived down critic after critic throughout the entire year; hi-lighted by Rick Reilly himself (BTW – his Irish card is still revoked by me).

We were beaten soundly by a much better team that night in Miami. We were out-coached and out-played from the opening kick to the final, bitter moment. We were so close, yet painfully, so far away.

The SEC is undoubtedly the superior conference to any other. I salute the hard work and the effort of those athletes, coaches and staff that represent that conference. I will stand by my Irish and hold high hopes, as always, for next year. I congratulate Alabama on a fantastic year and even more for the fantastic run over the past 5 years. Truly one of footballs dynastys.

I hope and expect to see you again very soon.

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