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I don’t put much credence in ESPN’s college football annalists – even Coach Holtz has been brainwashed by the network and has turned into a homer of sorts overly endorsing Notre Dame and even South Carolina at times with his bold predictions and outlook. But Mark May is the biggest hater of Notre Dame and has become so hypocritical that he can’t even keep up with his contradictions any longer. After The Irish’s huge win over arguably one of the biggest rivalries in college football history Mark had the audacity to say that Notre Dame didn’t win the game, but rather Michigan gave them the win with their six turnovers. Big Lou quickly refuted Mark’s notion that the ND defense had nothing to do with forcing those turnovers, but the king hater scoffed at our legendary national championship coach.

Fast forward to the recap of the Kansas State / Oklahoma game and Mark did nothing but praise the K-State defense for forcing the turnovers that helped the team defeat mighty Oklahoma. I wanted to jump through the TV and slap Mark upside his perfectly groomed pompous-ass head. Mark was 0-2 versus The Irish and I know he had a distain for Charlie Weis, but dude has got to get over whatever it is as it relates to Notre Dame. This kind of stuff usually doesn’t get under my skin, but Mark pushed my last button this past weekend when he couldn’t give credit where it was due. I understand ESPN loves this battle between Lou and Mark – I’d just like to see some impartiality from Coach Holtz’s side kick. Coach Holtz has every right to rah rah Notre Dame, he earned it! Mark… just shut up!

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