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So I was disappointed with this win but Purdue’s Defensive Line has proven to be what all the experts said they were this week. Honestly I was pissed that Kelly pulled Golson for Turnover Tommy. I thought he threw 4 horrible passes, 1 seven yard hail mary (to Goodman) and 1 good pass.

I thought I was as cynical as I could get — then I visited NDNation.com. Holy crap! That board is treating this win like the equivalent of a blow-out loss to Ball State. Eiffert, KLM and Slaughter were all injured. They may be 3 of the top 4 best players on this team.

Kelly stated that Golson was injured which of course is a lie in NDNation eyes. Kelly stated that Golson would start next week which of course is a lie in NDNation eyes.

What do these guys want??? It wasn’t the best win but it was a win against what appears to be a decent opponent. I think Purdue will prove to be one of the best B10 teams by the end of the year. They matched up well against us.

What are your thoughts on the much more reasonable football board?

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