HLS Dynasty 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Many apologies for the delay in getting this back together, but now that I am finally done with server moves and most of the associated HLS background work on my plate, it’s go time.

This time around we will just to a vanilla dynasty since the promotion/relegation thing was continuously broken by us. Instead, we will pick the crappiest teams in the game to start out as and work our way up. The prestige limit of available schools will be determined by the amount of people that we have in the dynasty.

Since we are moving to a new game, I am going to re-open signups and finalize the roster on Monday, August 12. As a reminder, this is an XBox dynasty and I welcome PS3 folks to use the forums to start their own.

Also, please keep in mind before you sign up that we will have a very strict advancement schedule during the season. We will advance twice every week: Sunday and Wednesday mornings. If you don’t think you can keep up (or don’t mind if you end up simming every now and then), please don’t sign up. I will also only allow 24 hours for coaching carousel decisions and each offseason recruiting week/activity as that is really the biggest time-sink.

For those that did this last year, you will notice I changed an advancement day from Thursday to Wednesday. I did this to account for weekend trips, especially during the football season as that tends to be the biggest conflict.

So, if you are interested, post below and provide your gamertag and Twitter handle to allow everyone to get in touch.

Let’s do this.

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