Comparing Journalism and "Journalism"

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Deadspin has utterly loved trashing the “old media” for crappy journalism in the Te’o case. HLS as well as many other outlets have pretty much taken them to task on that assumption in the coverage of that case.

Today showed yet another example that’s just too hilarious not to highlight.

Here’s one story, entitled “Here’s Everything Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Told Dr. Phil In Day One Of His Exclusive Interview”:

Quick, concise, catchy headline, still tries to put Te’o in a light that fits their original narrative (just check the comments to confirm that the bait was taken), and beat everyone to the punch.

Here’s another story, entitled “Analysis: Dr. Phil attempts to unravel Tuiasosopo’s role in Te’o saga”:,0,4486738,full.story

Detailed, gives context, inserts no personal bias or opinion into the piece, and came out when it was finished. Hilariously enough, includes more quotes from Ronaiah than the “everything that he said” column.

The two stories couldn’t be farther apart. If Deadspin really thinks they are trendsetting a new type of “journalism”, God help us all.

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