Are ND fans addicted to coaching changes?

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Matt Q. (DMQ)

I can’t help but wonder. We’ve undergone 4 real coaching changes in the last 10 years. And I also have to admit: They were all damned fun.

I recall being in Chicago over the holiday season after Meyer was clearly not an option, and all the world was wondering what ND was going to do next to replace Ty. Just wearing a ND logo was enough to end up in a 40 minute discussion with another ND fan in the middle of a liquor store about “what next?” So much unvarnished optimism.

Replacing Charlie was even more fun. We heard SO MANY rumors, and got SO MANY tips. It was like eagerly awaiting Christmas and having everything you ever wanted rumored to be under the tree.

And frankly, those 4 coaching changes have been the emotional highlights of ND fandom for the last decade.

So are we addicted to them?

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