ACC Expansion Rumor Mill: Louisville, UCONN, and Navy Targeted

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As ND fans, we should all have some raised eyebrows if Navy is in play.

Swarbrick has been very clear that the ND/Navy rivalry is to be preserved at all costs yet the ACC wants us to rotate five opponents annually and have say in the scheduling. Should this rumor be true and Navy gets the nod, I am really wondering what this does to our current ACC deal.

I would have to think some kind of renegotiation would be in play — hopefully resulting in Navy being a mainstay and then 4 teams rotating annually. That would be the best of both worlds for us as it would give us the in with the ACC, but open up a free slot on the schedule.

Or Swofford could be going all Vader on us and altering the deal and we need to start praying that they don’t alter it further.

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