The Absurdity of K-State Above ND

We all know the polls are dumb. I don't mean any individuals are dumb (which is also likely) but that the collective group is. They lack data, they don't pay attention to data if they do have it, and their own biases impact everything. It's kind of a silly system, and the current ranking of ND … [Read more...]

ESPN: Yeah, Even We Can’t Imagine Why You’d Want To Play For Zook

ESPN's Mark Schlabach is the recipient of only the 2nd ever Blind Squirrels/Big Nuts award for this piece about Ron Zook's recruiting success despite a miserable career of actual coaching. I've pasted some of the highlights below: ...Illinois football coach Ron Zook ... could sell you a used car, … [Read more...]

Jim Donnan Actually Writes Something Worthwhile. HLS Creates New Category.

Jim Donnan actually wrote up a nice piece on the negative effects the horrid, putrid spawns of Satan officially named 3-2-5 and 3-2-5e, and affectionately named "Those Stupid F'in New Clock Rules" have had on the game of College Football. "When you deprive a team of seven offensive plays per game, … [Read more...]