Peep this Relevance: USC Recruit Punches Opponent, Notre Dame Implicated

Cropping photos is fun, isn't it B/R?

(Via @bangulo & Unedited)

As Notre Dame continues to recruit and haul the best from the "isn't that so-and-so's kid?" end of the pool, things like this are bound to happen, but today's news out of California provides an interesting example of what happens when blatant bias against the Irish intersects with celebutante … [Read more...]

Good Fridays W/Padre: Misremembered

HLS EFS CSC Schembechler F

The world is a very different place up in Ann Abhor Arbor.  The stadium is bigger, the fans are meaner, and the shade of yellow is urine-ier.  They even have an entirely different perspective on the world and all that’s in it, as seen through their beady little giant-North-American-weasel eyes.  … [Read more...]

Temple Preview: Reesus Cleans House

Jesus-cleansing-the-temple-El-Greco1 (1)

Saturday's match between the Fighting Irish and the Temple Owls marks the first meeting between the two historic programs. With gazillions of wins, Heismans, National Championships, Notre Dame looks to add to its legend by making head coach Brian Kelly one of the youngest coaches to win his two … [Read more...]

Game by Game Predictions ’13: Leprechauns’ Revenge

We are BAAAAAAAACK PEOPLE! Another annual installment of the post that made everyone LOVE dancing Leprechauns! AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEAH! Once again I'll be picking every game before we've even seen one, my stellar results will WOW you (one way or another) and we'll all get to enjoy the leprechaun jig. … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Team Building


Brian Kelly is taking his show on the road.  Specifically, he’s taking his team to beautiful Marion, Indiana, to start the season’s practices.  In addition to being an exciting change of venue for the lads, Shiloh Park evidently offers something the University of Notre Dame, in all its glory, does … [Read more...]