The Time Has Come to Step Down

BabyTex ND Cry

I honestly can't even believe that I am about to write these words, but, as Bayou said earlier this morning, I have resigned from my post as editor-in-chief of Her Loyal Sons. Before I get started, I want to congratulate Bayou, Moons, and Jude for their respective promotions. HLS is in fantastic hands under their leadership and, really, all of them have already been stepping up to help me out when I've been overwhelmed, which has been often recently (more on that in a bit). Of course, the … [Read more...]



Tex is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of Her Loyal Sons. It took me ten minutes to form that sentence, such is the suddenness and relative importance of the fact. In the five years I have been writing for this site, Tex has been a constant in my experience. He hired me over a series of emails. He guided me through posting, through administering, and through writing. None of you see the attention he gives his staff. The texts. The emails. The telephone … [Read more...]

The Subway Domer Joins Her Loyal Sons!

Credit: The talented @phillykelly, of course

This isn't a prank. You didn't misread the headline. I am beyond pumped and pleased to announced that The Subway Domer has joined the staff of Her Loyal Sons. This. Is. Happening. If you have no idea who The Subway Domer is, man have you missed out. Beyond running, Subway has been an integral part of the lifeblood of the ND blogging community. He is the godfather of the IBG (Irish Blogger Gathering) which allowed for many of us, myself included, to get our foot in the … [Read more...]

The Sidelines Reborn

Sidelines Logo

You might remember that here at HLS, MQ launched our own forum called The Sideline. We've tried to update it and freshen it up as much as possible, but the fact of the matter was that no matter what we did, we were stuck with a clunky, terrible interface that people hated. With all kinds of other great ND forum communities out there, the Sidelines turned into a ghost town. So I made the decision to take the forums down and try to rebuild from scratch. My plans were going to result in one hell … [Read more...]

So Things Look a Bit Different Around Here


As promised, I've working on some changes to the HLS this offseason. We've been long, long overdue for some upgrades, but to do so, I needed to upgrade our theme and clean up quite a bit of the coding. I've done so and, of course, anything that I touch goes straight to hell no matter how much I test things out. I've been able to iron most of the details out tonight, but don't be surprised if you see a few design elements off here and there. However, we've been able to take advantage of a … [Read more...]