So Things Look a Bit Different Around Here


As promised, I've working on some changes to the HLS this offseason. We've been long, long overdue for some upgrades, but to do so, I needed to upgrade our theme and clean up quite a bit of the coding. I've done so and, of course, anything that I touch goes straight to hell no matter how much I test things out. I've been able to iron most of the details out tonight, but don't be surprised if you see a few design elements off here and there. However, we've been able to take advantage of a … [Read more...]

Disqus Is Back

Disqus Logo

The first change to HLS is now complete: Disqus is back as our commenting system and is now better than ever. We scrapped it back in 2012 mostly due to confusion with Disqus and HLS logins being different and having no way to link the two together. That is now a thing of the past. You will notice that "HLS Login" is now one of the available options to log in to Disqus. This will automatically create a Disqus account that you can log in to at anytime. This of course is just one option to … [Read more...]

A New Year’s Greeting


Welcome to 2014, Loyal Readers. I hope your hangovers are treating you well and that you will be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy a great day of college football. I wanted to take a little bit of time to thank everyone for another great year here at HLS. This is largely a labor of love/an insane expression of rabid fandom and y'all help make it a hell of a lot of fun. Further, thanks to your support through our various advertising partners, I've been able to send out a $100 donation to … [Read more...]

Blog Wars Ended, HLS Victorious!

HLS EFS CSC Pete Carroll

Okay, so not really, but given the back and forth over the years between HLS and the now-defeated Subway Domer, I think it's an appropriate headline. But really, more seriously, even in our clear and overwhelming victory we at HLS are sad to see SD go. A voice of reason insanity and calm profanity for years, SD was a mainstay that we will all, very seriously, miss. (for real, we will, as we dance our victorious dance on his grave). Sure, he had his moments and there were times where the … [Read more...]