Irish Blogger Gathering: Somehow We Had Questions About Purdue


After Notre Dame simply dominated Michigan, I assumed just about everyone in the IBG would ask about that game because seriously, Purdue is next and holy zzzzzzzzzz. However, much like Michigan still failing to score, I have been surprised yet again as the majority of the group actually asked questions about the Shamrock Series opponent. I suppose that makes sense in some way. While I'm sure all of us will rewatch Michigan over and over again with glee, the 2014 season still has 10 more games … [Read more...]

Opponent Watch: Snooze Edition


Who To Watch Louisville at Virginia (Sat 12:30pm ET ESPN - Gameplan) Following the loss of QB Teddy Bridgewater to the NFL and coach Charlie Strong to Texas, Louisville has opted for Bobby Petrino 2.0. The offense seems potent enough, although their two tests thus far have been a substandard Miami Hurricane squad and a Murray State...I want to say... "team"? I'm not sure if Virginia is a worthy adversary, but they hung with UCLA (who sportswriters seem to think can contend in the … [Read more...]

Notre Dame and Michigan: The End


I'm not used to storybook endings for Notre Dame football. That might sound a bit strange for a program full of feel-good lore, legends, and even a movie about a walk-on that managed to record a sack on his only defensive snap. That was all "back then" as many people that love to hate the Fighting Irish will consistently remind me. Recently, the script for Notre Dame football ends in nightmares. The 2012 season, and the events that followed after it, serves as a perfect example. After an … [Read more...]

#HLSrecap Top 25: Michigan Game Recap

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Here are your @andrewwinn stats for this week's #HLSrecap  -- 266 tweets from 146 contributors, with 103 first-timers making the cut this week. We now have over 230 unique contributors to at least one #HLSrecap this year. As you know, each week we present the following highly-coveted (and yet totally arbitrary) accolades: Brick Helmet Stickers #HLSrecap Top 25 #HLSrecap MVP Here now is our Athletic Director, @FakeSwarbrick, who just dispatched a cleaning crew to the Stadium … [Read more...]

Lou Holtz & Tony Rice Podcast!


Note: This podcast was recorded on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. You can listen LIVE right here at 7pm EST. You can listen live below, download in iTunes, or even load an mp3 on our BlogTalkRadio site. Enjoy! Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with TNNDN on BlogTalkRadio Who better than Lou Holtz to tell us how Notre Dame put a whipping on Michigan this past Saturday?!? Before Notre Dame's 38-0 31-0 dismantling of the Wolverines in South Bend, Coach Holtz told the Pep Rally … [Read more...]