Friday Roundup: The “Let’s Buy Some History” Edition

Steve Boda Collection

Waaaay back during the 2012 season, we helped promote "Strong of Heart" which featured Notre Dame Football statistician/historian, Steve Boda. Mr. Boda has left this mortal coil; however, the years upon years of data and history that he compiled for Notre Dame is now in limbo via eBay auction. Andrewwinn, our newest staff member and the man giving you a daily dose of ND News every morning, took some serious initiative and set up a GoFundMe drive to secure the files. The goal: get enough … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Fr. Ted” Edition

Fr Ted Grotto

I never met Father Theodore Hesburgh during my time at Notre Dame--at least not in a traditional sense of sitting down and having a one-on-one conversations with arguably the most influential man in Notre Dame history aside from Father Edward Sorin, the University's founder. That isn't to say his door wasn't wide open as many ND alumni will attest and possibly even recall in the comments. My experiences with Fr. Ted were in group settings. Hearing the man speak was a treasure to behold no … [Read more...]

Recording: Friday Roundup – Episode 16

Friday Roundup

Hello everyone, it's time for another weekly dose of the audio version of the Friday Roundup. Remember, you can catch the show live in the DFW area on 1160 AM KVCE or you can stream via their website or the TuneIn radio app on Android or iOS. This week, I look at Rivals odd decision to list recruiting profiles for sixth graders, the Big Ten's terrible idea to make freshmen ineligible for football and basketball, and Notre Dame's coaching changes. Enjoy and be sure to tune in this … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Going Full Audio” Edition

Friday Roundup

Usually, I would never mail in a Roundup. If I don't have much to say, usually I just don't bother saying it. This week has been a special case. Without getting into too much personal detail, let's just say that I got my first true parenthood scare and¬†everything¬†took a backseat this week. This includes posting audio from my radio show here HLS. So with that in mind, I'm killing two birds with one stone this week and going full audio today. Last week's episode of the Friday Roundup below … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Safety Transfer” Edition

Friday Roundup

Remember what I said last week about my plans? It turns out, the same applies to this little weekly column as well. After spending most of the night brainstorming ideas on what to write about, this happened. Avery Sebastian is now Irish and I'd be dumb to talk about anything else, really. The Cal graduate spent his career playing safety for the Golden Bears. He suffered an Achilles injury in the opener of his junior season, missing the remainder of the year and a good chunk of his senior … [Read more...]