Friday Roundup: The “Sticking It to Michigan” Edition

HLS EFS CSC Swarbrick Sneer

Jack Swarbrick wore the biggest grin on his face since perhaps the conclusion of the 2012 regular season. His masterful plan now public, he opened his bottom desk drawer, revealing a bottle of scotch and glassware. Certainly some might think scotch before ten in the morning on a Thursday a little concerning, but not this day. This is a day for celebration. After pouring his morning beverage, his phone predictably rang. He had been waiting for this. "Hello, this is Jack." "YOU SORRY SON … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Brian Kelly Goes to the Moon” Edition


It's almost time. The thought raced through Brian Kelly's mind as he gazed into his mirror. Clad in a navy-blue suit and gold tie, he clutched his inspiration loosely in his hand. More notes, scribbles, and arrows littered the page than his five-wide goal line section of the playbook. How does one prepare for Rice with Michigan around the corner?  The question plagued him even before fall camp had started. He could only serve so many rice-themed dishes at the training table. It was a … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Game of Titles” Edition

Brace Yourself Blank ND A song of wins and losses shall resume its tune next week. The weekly battles shall resume as shall the feasts, drinking, joy, and pain. Brace yourselves, football is coming. Lord Brian Kelly is looking to lead his once proud house back to its former glory. The house of DuLac was once an undisputed king of the north and their influence extended across the realm. The game has changed and Lord Kelly is trying to change with it in the face of a … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Notre Dame Fall Camp 2014 Catch-Up” Edition

Friday Roundup

Once WatchND started pumping out Notre Dame football fall camp practice videos, I was all in for breaking each one down. It worked great for the first two practices, but then practice #3 happened and saw the video breakdown was a position profile for the CBs. Don't get me wrong, the feature was great, but a basically started at my title of "Fall Camp Practice Report #3: CB Report" for about an hour and realized there was no way that I could even drag 100 words out of the topic. So I passed … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Horseman” Edition

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Outlined against a clear-blue August sky, the Lone Horseman rode again. In dramatic lore he is known as the Purple-Faced Monster. This is only an alias. His real name is Brian Kelly. He trotted in front of his South Bend squad before which another practice would be held in the friendly confines of the Culver Academies as a handful of Fighting Irish Digital Media employees peered through their camera lenses and over their Twitter devices at the bewildering sight prancing on the synthetic field … [Read more...]