Notre Dame Wide Receiver Will Mahone Arrested, Suspended


By now, most of you have probably heard the news regarding Notre Dame’s reserve wide receiver Will Mahone. If you haven’t, on Sunday night Mahone was arrested by Mohoning County (Ohio) police on three felony charges (assault of a police officer, intimidation of a public servant, and vandalism of a government entity) and two misdemeanors (resisting arrest and disorderly conduct). The incident occurred when officers responded to a domestic disturbance call relating to a fight. When officers … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football: Blue and Gold Game Thoughts and Reactions


Saturday was the 85th Notre Dame spring game and as we all freaked out from the big news of field turf installation, a minor football scrimmage broke out behind the angelic view of Jack Swarbrick. Here are many of my thoughts and reactions to what I saw and heard during the annual retail football event: Tradition Is Dead Alex Flannigan was able to make the biggest announcement regarding Notre Dame football since Jimmy Clausen visited the College Football Hall of Fame: Notre Dame Stadium … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Women’s Basketball: No Blood No Foul


Leading into tonight's championship game between Notre Dame and Connecticut (8:30 EST, ESPN), you should know that women's basketball isn't about kittens, orange slices and post-game handshakes. There are rivals and there is hatred. There are elbows and shoves and trash talk. When you think of classic sports rivalries, you probably think of Red Sox vs. Yankees, Bears vs. Packers, Lakers vs. Celtics, Florida vs. Georgia Southern. What you may not realize because your head is focused on … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Women’s Basketball: Final Fourth Time’s a Charm


UPDATED 3PM 4/1/14 We have some unfortunate news for the Notre Dame women's basketball team. After an MRI, Natalie Achonwa did, in fact, tear her ACL in a non-contact injury suffered late in the Baylor game. Achonwa will undergo surgery, but the date has not been set yet. Either way, her career at Notre Dame ended prematurely and her presence on the court will be terribly missed.  In an absolutely amazing display of consistency and success, seniors on the Notre Dame women's basketball … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football Back On Track in 2014

via South Bend Tribune

Notre Dame Football: 2013 Edition will go down as a no-man's land of seasons. The year that was in between Manti Te'o's departure and Everett Golson's re-arrival. It was a disappointing season. At 9-4 with after a mediocre bowl win against a laughable opponent, Irish fans were left with a sour, bittersweet taste in their mouths. No one really celebrated. No one really bemoaned the year. It just...was. And no we're sort of re-convincing ourselves that this year is going to be the year that … [Read more...]