Is This Real Life?

Just like David after the dentist, I've found myself wondering lately, Is This Real Life? I Didn't Feel Anything Maybe it's having a baby. Maybe it's not having a job. Maybe it's the impact those things have had on the time I have available for this site. Maybe it's the craziness that is … [Read more...]

Boomer Sooner? Doesn’t even rhyme.

Come on! I get that we're going into Norman, and that OK is a really balanced team. I also get that they've been strong the last decade and we have not. But a 10 point dog in Vegas? Pundits calling this a near-lock for OK? Give me a break! ND has a shot at this game, and a good one. No, … [Read more...]

NDTex Named HLS Editor-in-Chief

Let's be honest here, folks. NDTex has taken on a TON of responsibility for the evolution of HLS, and he's been absolutely KILLING IT. So I'm very pleased to announce that Tex has earned the title and responsibility of officially running the daily show here at - Tex is our new … [Read more...]

And the Good Lord Wept Tears of Joy

Wow, what a game. What a finish. What a TEAM! Some (coughcoughGrantlandXcough) want to poo poo on the rush of excitement that some 'immature' freshmen and sophomores have about this team and about this game. To that I say: PHEH! This was a finish unlike any we've seen in recent history - … [Read more...]

IBG: Hate Week Edition

I've been kind of quiet on the site this week. Lots of travel for work. Lots of babies (ok one) that are sick. Lots of wives (okay one) with Strep. Lots of lots going on. But don't you think that, for even one second, the seething ball of hellacious fire of hate burning inside me hasn't been … [Read more...]