What It Means to be #1

If you can, for just a minute, forget about next weekend's game. Forget about the potential for a Mythical National Championship game. Forget about Bama and the SEC and USC and the Ducks and the K-Staters. Focus for a short time on this: Notre Dame is the #1 Football Team in the Nation. And think about for a second what that means. Here's what it means to me. First, the obvious. It means we're considered the best team in the country. A bunch of people that are barely qualified … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of K-State Above ND

We all know the polls are dumb. I don't mean any individuals are dumb (which is also likely) but that the collective group is. They lack data, they don't pay attention to data if they do have it, and their own biases impact everything. It's kind of a silly system, and the current ranking of ND behind K-State is also silly. This is a rock. We have a golden dome with Jesus' mom on it. C'MON! Here's why. Let's take a look at a few data points to evaluate the order here: 1. … [Read more...]

Is This Real Life?

Just like David after the dentist, I've found myself wondering lately, Is This Real Life? I Didn't Feel Anything Maybe it's having a baby. Maybe it's not having a job. Maybe it's the impact those things have had on the time I have available for this site. Maybe it's the craziness that is life right now in general. But this new reality of Notre Dame Football still has yet to sink in with me. rrrrrrRARARARRRRRRGHGHGHGH! Don't get me wrong. I'm enjoying it. I'm watching and … [Read more...]

Boomer Sooner? Doesn’t even rhyme.

Come on! I get that we're going into Norman, and that OK is a really balanced team. I also get that they've been strong the last decade and we have not. But a 10 point dog in Vegas? Pundits calling this a near-lock for OK? Give me a break! ND has a shot at this game, and a good one. No, it's not a lock and it won't be easy. But really, let's analyze this Sooner team's performance to date, and see if we should be as scared as some think. WIN: UTEP. OH BOY WOW! You beat a 2 and … [Read more...]

NDTex Named HLS Editor-in-Chief

Let's be honest here, folks. NDTex has taken on a TON of responsibility for the evolution of HLS, and he's been absolutely KILLING IT. So I'm very pleased to announce that Tex has earned the title and responsibility of officially running the daily show here at HerLoyalSons.com - Tex is our new Editor-in-Chief! Tex has been tireless in his support of this site and of ND Football since he came on board last year, and he's really much better at running things on a daily basis than I am. … [Read more...]