Leprechauns Dance All Up In Your Grill


What's up peeps? I said...WHAT'S UP??????!!!!! Been a while. A long while. Too long a while. And my apologies for that. I've been busy having babies, building a home and dealing with life. What you been up to? Nevermind, I don't have time for it anyway. Sorry, I still love you. Deeply. Biscuit here, with the annual installment of the Dancing Leprechauns. Our 9th attempt to guess the entire season game by game. WATCH EM DANCE BABY! Before we get into this year's predictions, I … [Read more...]

Leprechauns: The 8th One


Yo peeps, tweeps and Little Nobodies. Biscuit is BACK BABY! And that can only mean one thing. THE LEPRECHAUNS ARE DANCING! Dance, Leprechaun, DANCE BABYYYYYYYYYY! Historically, I'm not that great at predicting the season in detail before seeing a single game. Shocking, I know. That said, I have my good years and individual games as well, and last year I am pretty sure I called as many games FTW as any HLS peep, and I did so BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED. That is, simply, victory my … [Read more...]

Blog Wars Ended, HLS Victorious!

HLS EFS CSC Pete Carroll

Okay, so not really, but given the back and forth over the years between HLS and the now-defeated Subway Domer, I think it's an appropriate headline. But really, more seriously, even in our clear and overwhelming victory we at HLS are sad to see SD go. A voice of reason insanity and calm profanity for years, SD was a mainstay that we will all, very seriously, miss. (for real, we will, as we dance our victorious dance on his grave). Sure, he had his moments and there were times where the … [Read more...]

Game by Game Predictions ’13: Leprechauns’ Revenge

We are BAAAAAAAACK PEOPLE! Another annual installment of the post that made everyone LOVE dancing Leprechauns! AWWWWW YEEEEEEEEAH! Once again I'll be picking every game before we've even seen one, my stellar results will WOW you (one way or another) and we'll all get to enjoy the leprechaun jig. Sweetness. My records since we got started are not all that amazing. I'd call it spots of brilliance with some dirt...a little up and down. But whatever, I'm trying to predict each game prior to … [Read more...]

Reminder: Silent Auction for MSU / OK Tix Ending Soon!

Due to some travel for me, we'll be moving up the final day of bidding to Wednesday, 8/21 at noon PST. So GET YOUR BIDS IN NOW! We will contact winners only on Wednesday afternoon. Questions? Tweet us or comment. Details below! Good luck! Earlier Post: Welcome back to another season of Irish Football! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! RACK EM FLACK EM PACK EM CRACK EMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Last season our Silent Auction benefiting the ND General Scholarship Fund and … [Read more...]