Friday Roundup: The “Signing Away the Heisman” Edition

Notre Dame could be playing between the hedges at Sanford Stadium later this decade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, all potential Friday Roundup topics promptly took a back seat in my brain once Todd Gurley's suspension hit the newswire. Georgia originally announced the suspension as "indefinite", but Fox Sports'¬†Bruce Feldman and his source believe the suspension will only last two or three games. Regardless of suspension length, Gurley will likely bid farewell to any chance of winning the Heisman thanks to this mess. Regardless of where you might stand on the NCAA rule about a student-athlete … [Read more...]

Irish Blogger Gathering: Answers Are Imminent


In one of college football's great ironies, Notre Dame fans have shifted from enjoying the Stanford win to anxiously awaiting the results of an academic investigation when North Carolina of all teams is about to head to campus. At this point, it shouldn't be surprising that the "imminent" answers that Brian Kelly expected are still hidden somewhere in FERPA secrecy. While I feel for the Marooned Five, and certainly hope they find themselves out of limbo soon, both myself and the rest of the … [Read more...]

Recording: Tex Hosts “Inside the Game” on KVCE 1160 AM Dallas/Ft. Worth


This past Saturday I returned to "Inside the Game" on KVCE 1160, but this time as host! Subbing in for Robin Valetutto, the DFW Sports Angel, I am¬†joined by producer Venos Ford on a special 30 minute edition of "Inside the Game". Segment 1: Robin calls in from the "Help Hope Live" golf tournament for James McLester. The event is discussed as well as Ryan's high school background in Dallas. The NFL and Dallas Cowboys round out the segment. Segment 2: Notre Dame vs. Stanford Preview. Tex … [Read more...]

Savin’ Aven

Savin' Aven No Text

Right before football season started, my wife received some terrible news from a good friend of hers. They were roommates in college, have continued to be good friends and has become my friend. We were at her wedding and the happy couple attended ours this past May. They were blessed with a child. This summer, at only one year old, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. They hadn't told many people. In fact, we didn't find out until a couple months will after he was diagnosed. They tried to … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 6): We’re Goin’ Old School


So Molly shot me a text saying that she had a special guest lined up for the show. This guest had some serious opinions on Notre Dame and wanted the chance to come on the show and sound off. That man is none other than Molly's father, Pat Moran, who's been an Irish fan since 1953. Y'all, Pat absolutely killed it on the show. He basically took over and it was nothing short of gold. He has the kind of passion about ND football that I would love to hit. As a bonus, make sure you … [Read more...]