Irish Blogger Gathering: Delayed But Still Kickin’


Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of the IBG. A combination of the Florida State fallout and the bye had all of our schedules thrown off a bit. However, we are still here, pressing ever onward and getting ready for Navy. Let's do this. My question: If you could change one thing about the game this past weekend that didn't involve a yellow flag, what would it be? NDNation went pull pirate. No seriously, read it. Full pirate. Fighting Irish Blog would like to be on a boat, … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Unlikely Bedfellows” Edition

Via, and I can't believe I'm saying this, Lisa Ann's Instagram account, @thereallisaannxxx

When TMZ decides to email HLS directly about a story they broke, we should know that something crazy will soon motor down the highway for a head-on collision of weird. This week's edition has freshman WR Justin Brent on a date with 42 year-old porn star, Lisa Ann. Honestly, I cared very little for the "shocking" news. I wasn't even completely convinced of the claims of a date as the information TMZ had to prove the claim just came from a "we're told that" and nothing more. So, it could've … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Fans, There Is No ACC Referee Conspiracy

Ref and penalty flag

Look, I understand that everyone is upset about the offensive pass interference call against Notre Dame which took away a win from Florida State. I am right there with you. But this whole, "there are ACC refs conspiring against us" needs to stop immediately. It's a terrible look and it isn't even close to factual. Thanks to a comment on HLS on Tuesday, I was made aware of a forum post that linked to another blog post which claimed that Pat Ryan, the back judge that flagged that fateful OPI … [Read more...]

Recordings from Last Two Weeks of “Inside the Game” Are Here


Let's take a trip back to happier times shall we? Robin Valetutto, the DFW Sports Angel, has just sent me the last two weeks worth of recordings (this past Saturday, Oct 18, and Oct 11) in which yours truly was one of the special guest hosts. Below, you will find embedded players from both weeks as well as download links. Remember to subscribe to our podcasts via Podbean and/or iTunes! Also, as I mentioned last week, this has become a weekly thing. So be sure to tune back in to KVCE from … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 8): This One Hurts


Molly Moran and I return for another episode of HLS TV to cycle through some of the Notre Dame football stages of grief. Yes, we talk about that play and Jimbo's strange postgame comments, but we do attempt to move on and talk about the game as a whole and what Notre Dame's playoff chances look like going forward. Today's intro and outro is something you may have seen me post on Twitter after a terrible ND loss. A high school friend of mine, Michael Gruber, manned the audio board for … [Read more...]