Irish Blogger Gathering: Getting Back in the Saddle


When it rains, it pours. As if the Notre Dame loss to Northwestern wasn't enough to kick off a rough week, my work week too a serious hard turn into awful as the impending Thanksgiving holiday, plus a load of other things, caused me to bow out from both HLS posting as well as Twitter for most of the week. To say that I am ready for another Notre Dame football game is an understatement. While I'm more terrified than I would like to be, I'm ready to get back in the saddle and I'm hoping the … [Read more...]

All the Podcasts! Four Horseman History, Figuring Out Notre Dame Turnovers, and the Friday Roundup


I meant to get this post last night, but I didn't get home from work until after 11pm and just passed out. Anyways, you may have already seen (or heard) the episodes I'm about to embed below if you are already subscribed to our podcast channel on iTunes or follow or Podbean channel, but if you aren't, (1) do that and (2) waste all the time at work with the embedded audio below. I have two recordings from KVCE AM 1160, Dallas/Ft. Worth. One is an older recording from before the Arizona State … [Read more...]

HLS TV (Episode 11): Well…THAT Happened


I don't really have much to say to lead into this. Molly and I were both beside ourselves with Notre Dame's loss to Northwestern and more or less just vented about it for about 45 minutes. Oh, we also get a surprise return from Molly's dad this episode. No, seriously, it surprised us both and neither of us had any idea it was coming. Poor Molly was the victim of "burn of the year" thanks to her father as well. This weekend was weird. Anyways, the video and audio is below. As a note, … [Read more...]

Finding the Bottom

Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even sure where exactly to start with the mess that was Notre Dame's loss to Northwestern. Typing "Notre Dame's loss to Northwestern" doesn't even make sense to me. The Irish lost and gave up 43 points to a team that hasn't even cracked 30 all season. Iowa blew these guys out. But here we are in what I consider the worst loss since I walked on to campus in 2003. Oh sure, we've lost to worse teams, but those ND teams were objectively terrible. While this team isn't … [Read more...]

Predictions: Hopefully More Accurate Than a South Bend Meterologist

South Bend Record Snow

But let's be honest, they probably won't be. If the last two weeks are any indication, a prediction of an inch of snow followed by what South Bend saw this week would look far more accurate than our collective football clarvoyance. We had only two, that's right, two people pick Arizona over Notre Dame straight up last week and one of those was Biscuit who continues to kick all of our asses from his August predictions. And the notes we had for the game? Oh good God, they aren't any better. … [Read more...]