Irish Blogger Gathering: Somehow We Had Questions About Purdue


After Notre Dame simply dominated Michigan, I assumed just about everyone in the IBG would ask about that game because seriously, Purdue is next and holy zzzzzzzzzz. However, much like Michigan still failing to score, I have been surprised yet again as the majority of the group actually asked questions about the Shamrock Series opponent. I suppose that makes sense in some way. While I'm sure all of us will rewatch Michigan over and over again with glee, the 2014 season still has 10 more games … [Read more...]

Notre Dame and Michigan: The End


I'm not used to storybook endings for Notre Dame football. That might sound a bit strange for a program full of feel-good lore, legends, and even a movie about a walk-on that managed to record a sack on his only defensive snap. That was all "back then" as many people that love to hate the Fighting Irish will consistently remind me. Recently, the script for Notre Dame football ends in nightmares. The 2012 season, and the events that followed after it, serves as a perfect example. After an … [Read more...]

HLS TV Episode 2: Michigan Still Hasn’t Scored on Notre Dame


After attending Notre Dames awesome shutout performance against Michigan, both Molly Moran and I are back with another episode of HLS TV. Included in this episode is about thirty minutes of us being downright giddy about the result, raving about Notre Dame's performance, and fighting through technical difficulties that I had to edit out. Seriously, Google+, why do you hate HLS so much? WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU?! Anyways, let's revel in Michigan despair because the 24 hour rule doesn't … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs. Michigan: Predictions of Hate

Burn, Baby, Burn
Image credit: Reid Brewster

Welcome back to week two of predictions. In case you missed last week, we are replacing the open thread with a little prediction game. As it appears just about everyone is heading out to the game, ticket or not, I'm getting this up a bit earlier. Want to pick against the HLS staff in this battle of clairvoyance? Enter here. Here are the standings from last week. Remember, 1 point for each: straight up winner, spread, over/under. 2 points if you pull a #Texadamus like I did and nail the … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Sticking It to Michigan” Edition

HLS EFS CSC Swarbrick Sneer

Jack Swarbrick wore the biggest grin on his face since perhaps the conclusion of the 2012 regular season. His masterful plan now public, he opened his bottom desk drawer, revealing a bottle of scotch and glassware. Certainly some might think scotch before ten in the morning on a Thursday a little concerning, but not this day. This is a day for celebration. After pouring his morning beverage, his phone predictably rang. He had been waiting for this. "Hello, this is Jack." "YOU SORRY SON … [Read more...]