That Was Fun. Thank You.

I started 2 things in 2006, and for me one of those things is coming to a close today. In the spring of 2006, I married my impossibly patient, outrageously beautiful wife. And in the late summer of 2006, seemingly to test her patience, I started After today, I'll still be … [Read more...]

Thanks, Poot

Poot will no longer be contributing to Her Loyal Sons. … [Read more...]

20-1!!!!! The Commemorative Shirt


In commemoration of Syracuse basketball's monumental achievement of reaching a record of 20-1 this evening, the Her Loyal Sons Monumental Mint has crafted these fine t-shirts. Don't miss your opportunity to remember this day forever. Purchase your shirt, cherish it forever, and be sure to … [Read more...]

What Coulda Been?

Just been scanning the usual ND Internet realms today, noticing a lot of discussion around "if ND had/would hire Nick Saban." Wondering what you think. Alabama just tied ND for most final AP #1 rankings. And I wonder, if ND had hired Nick Saban at any point since Lou Holtz left, would ND fans … [Read more...]

Top 10 NDFB Stories of 2011: 5-1

Now that 2011 is over, Notre Dame's season is over, and, really, as the Orange Bowl is about to kick off, any interesting games in all of college football are over, it's time to take a look at the top half of our Top 10 Notre Dame Football Stories of 2011. If you missed it, here are the bottom 5 … [Read more...]