Syracuse Review: Defense

(Sam Maller | Photographer) 
Syracuse wide receiver Brisly Estime is taken down by a Notre Dame defensive back.

For whatever reason I wasn't overly worried about playing Syracuse. But when I got home at the end of the first quarter, turned on the television and found out the score was 0-0 AND that we had TWO TURNOVERS, suddenly I became worried about Syracuse. How did we look on defense you ask? Lets have a look! For the fourth consecutive game this year, Notre Dame has held its opponent to 17 points or less. The Irish also accomplished this feat to open the 2012 season but had not previously achieved … [Read more...]

Purdue Review: Defense

Notre Dame vs. Purdue, Shamrock Series Game (Matt Cashore USA TODAY Sports)

After the Michigan game I was feeling pretty confident in our defense ... but there's always "that" game, after a big win, that you still need to make sure you are "up" for. When our defense came out against Purdue, I was afraid maybe they weren't "up" for this game, but in the second half they definitely proved me wrong.┬áLets take a look at how the defense performed against Purdue. The Notre Dame defense forced three turnovers against Purdue (while only committing one on offense). These … [Read more...]

Rice Review: Defense

Junior Defensive Tackle, Sheldon Day (Photo: Andrew Lamping)

Overall, I am very happy with the way Notre Dame performed on Saturday against Rice, but there is one thing I am still quite anxious about as we head into Michigan week ... our defense. Lets take a look at how the defense performed against Rice. The Fighting Irish defense allowed 141 rushing yards, 226 receiving yards and 29 yards on a kickoff return. Rice's average yards completed per pass were 8.7 yards and their average yards per catch were 15.1. Notre Dame's defense had 34 solo … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Teams


Life as a Notre Dame fan is often like riding a roller coaster at the local amusement park. The years are filled with highs and lows and varying types of emotions. This off-season was no different from most other off-seasons. We came out of the spring game on a high of sorts after watching solid performances by both Golson and Zaire, along with some dazzling performances by Greg Bryant, Corey Robinson and Amir Carlisle. It wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the future … [Read more...]

Not the Same Old Same Old

The Exchange Whiskey Bar

If you're anything like me you have a set group of places that you always patronize when you return to South Bend for Notre Dame football games. In the past few years South Bend has done a great deal of work on improving the community surrounding Notre Dame's campus. I'd like to share with you some new (and some not so new) establishments in South Bend that you might want to check out during your next trip to campus! Sometimes getting off the beaten path is a very good thing!! 1. South Bend … [Read more...]