The Annual Quarterback Shoot Out

Photo: Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

A quarterback competition is nothing new when you're talking about almost any Division I college football team, and Notre Dame is no different. When it comes to Everett Golson, the camp is pretty well divided. You either really love him, or you really don't. Will he stay for his final year at ND? Or will he graduate in the spring and do a grad school transfer to another school and finish his career elsewhere? And Malik Zaire, he most definitely has something big to prove. Does he have what it … [Read more...]

A Journey Worth Following: 271 Miles

Photo Credit: Elli Thatcher

Today, Elli Thatcher’s life changes forever. The Columbus, Ohio resident will undergo an 11½ hour procedure to remove a 6-centimeter tumor that sits in a space of her neck and extends all the way to her skull. Thatcher is scared. She has lost sleep fretting about the unknowns: Is this mass cancerous? Will the doctors be able to reach the entire tumor, which is adjacent to the vagus nerve, essential to the body’s nervous system? There have been seemingly endless tests, scans and minor … [Read more...]

And Then There Were Two: Notre Dame – Connecticut

Photo: Joe Raymond, Associated Press

The numbers didn't lie. Notre Dame and South Carolina were as evenly matched up as had been predicted and the game could not have been more exciting, coming down to the final shot. And then there were two: Notre Dame vs. Connecticut. How does Notre Dame stack up against long time rival Connecticut? Lets have a look! Here are some big picture stats. Notre Dame and Connecticut are the nation's winningest programs since 2009. In the past six years Connecticut has won 220 games. In the … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Women Clinch Fifth Consecutive Final Four

(Photo: Ellen Ozier, USA TODAY Sports)

Quietly, while the masses were consumed by an epic Notre Dame - Kentucky matchup on the men's side of the NCAA Tournament, the women were doing their thing. And here they are, making their fifth consecutive trip to the Final Four. On Sunday, April 5, in Tampa, Fla., the Notre Dame women's basketball team will make their Final Four appearance, facing No. 1 seed South Carolina. Who are the players to watch? What are the key factors to secure an Irish win and a trip to the championship game? Here's … [Read more...]

Step Four: Kentucky


Finally, we had a game that didn't end with a heart attack finish ... and now we get Kentucky. So what is it going to take to beat Kentucky? Lets take a look! How does Kentucky manage to look superhuman against every team they face? Here are some stats that show just how incredible this team (and Calipari) really is. (Stats from Kentucky's team record? 37-0 Kentucky is the first team in the history of college basketball to start a season 37-0. Not just Kentucky history, … [Read more...]