Vote to Help the Ara Parseghian Foundation

Marcia, Christa and Michael Parseghian

It's NCAA Tourney Time and who doesn't love a good challenge? Especially one that benefits a charity that is near and dear to the heart of the Notre Dame family! Please direct your attention to The Infinity Coaches' Charity Challenge. As a proud corporate partner of NCAA Men’s Basketball, Infiniti will donate at least $1,000 to each of the participating charities. The coach’s charity with the most votes will win the grand prize of $100,000. Here's how it works: Support your coach by … [Read more...]

Two Notre Dame Sons Return Home


Part of having a successful football program means coaches will leave for greener pastures. The other side of that coin is that coaches will come to your greener pastures. Two of the recent (unofficial) additions to the Notre Dame coaching staff are faces you may recognize. The first addition is former Notre Dame corner back Todd Lyght. The second addition is former Notre Dame running back Autry Denson. The interesting thing about both of these moves is that they both had just recently … [Read more...]

More Good Works From Oscar McBride


Former Notre Dame tight end Oscar McBride has been very busy lately trying to create positive change in the lives of children. His Fit4Life Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded with the goal enhancing the physical, cognitive and social development of youth through sport, with an emphasis on combating childhood obesity. Fit4Life also aggressively stresses the importance of physical wellness, emotional well-being, character evolution and life skills development through … [Read more...]

And the Good Works Just Keep Coming

Jack and JT Snow Foundation

As a parent, the number one thing you want for your child is good health. But when faced with a child who fights daily against an incurable, life threatening disease, you find strength that you never thought you had. This is the story of former Notre Dame wide receiver Jack Snow's daughter, Stephanie Snow Gebel. Jack Thomas Snow (January 25, 1943 – January 9, 2006) played wide receiver at the University of Notre Dame from 1962 through 1964 and with the Los Angeles Rams of the NFL from 1965 to … [Read more...]

Autry Denson Takes Coaching Job at USF

Associated Press (1996) Autry Denson ran for 4,318 yards and 43 touchdowns at Notre Dame and was drafted by the Bucs in the seventh round in 1999.

It was announced yesterday that former Notre Dame running back and Miami (Ohio) running back coach, Autry Denson, would be taking over as the USF running back coach for the Bulls. Matt Staton from The USF Matt Blog wanted to learn more about Denson and the type of player he was and type of person he is. He reached out to me last week to get a deeper perspective on Denson. Here are some perspectives on Denson I was able to gather from former Notre Dame players and teammates. Autry Lamont … [Read more...]