Notre Dame vs Clemson Review: Defense

Notre Dame’s Jerry Tillery (99), left, and Jaylon Smith (9) bring down Clemson’s Deshaun Watson(4). SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN

Straight from the mouth of Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly (and I couldn't have said it any better myself), "We can’t go on the road and be tentative defensively to start a game." Amen brother. Just think about how different Saturday night's game might have ended had we started it the way we started the four previous games, with a three-and-out possession. But, sadly, that was not the case. How did Notre Dame's defense perform against the Clemson Tigers on Saturday? Let's take a … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs Massachusetts Review: Defense

Notre Dame’s Daniel Cage (75) puts pressure on Massachusetts’ Blake Frohnapfel (7) during the Notre Dame-Massachusetts NCAA college football game on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend. SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN

It wasn't quite the walk-in-the-park that many people were expecting or hoping for, but it was a solid win for sure. The glimpse we saw of our future Notre Dame squad was quite bright today, however, the defense is still showing a bit of weakness in the secondary. How did the Fighting Irish Notre Dame defense fare against the Minutemen of the University of Massachusetts? Let's have a look! For the fourth week in a row, the Notre Dame defense held their opponent's first possession to a … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech Review: Defense

Jaylon Smith recovers a fumble during the second half at Notre Dame Stadium. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

They said we couldn't do it. They said we couldn't stop Georgia Tech's spread offense. They said our team had too many injuries. But guess what? ... we did it! How did Notre Dame's defense perform against the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech? Let's take a look! While the Notre Dame defense allowed Georgia Tech's offense 21 first downs and 216 net rushing yards, they held Georgia Tech's passing game to 121 net passing yards. The Notre Dame defense forced three Georgia Tech fumbles, … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs UVA Review: Defense


After an outstanding defensive showing against Texas last week, Virginia definitely exposed a few flaws in our defense that hopefully can be swiftly corrected this week in practice. While we won the game, the defense certainly did not give our youthful offense much help. How did our defense fare against the University of Virginia Cavaliers ... let's have a look! The Notre Dame defense allowed Virginia's offense 22 first downs. The Virginia offense had 127 net yards rushing, 289 net yards … [Read more...]

Notre Dame vs Texas Review: Defense

Notre Dame’s Jaylon Smith (9) celebrates a sack during the Notre Dame-Texas NCAA college football game on Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015, at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend. SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN

D-Boyz! On paper, this year’s Notre Dame defensive squad looked pretty tight, but you never completely know what you’ve got until that first game is played. Notre Dame’s “D-Boyz” came out full speed ahead against the Texas Longhorns on Saturday and never looked back. How good was Notre Dame’s defense? Lets take a look at the production of the Longhorn offense to see how effective Notre Dame was on defense. Notre Dame held UT to eight first downs, 60 net yards rushing, 103 net yards … [Read more...]