Five Big Things I’ll Be Watching In The Blue-Gold Game

Hope springs eternal at Notre Dame -- and after the wonderful rebirth of Notre Dame football in 2012, that never rings more true than this year. The 84th annual Blue-Gold game is upon us this weekend, and there's quite a few things that I'll have my eyes on -- here's a few of them (in no real … [Read more...]

Is Notre Dame’s 2013 Schedule The Nation’s Hardest?


Okay, so we held out for as long as we could -- we made it to April before starting to discuss Notre Dame's 2013 football schedule. We'll certainly have a number of pieces on this year's upcoming slate throughout the offseason, so we'll just get our feet wet a little bit here, but let's get this out … [Read more...]

Same Old Story: Injury Bug Bites Carlisle, Hounshell Again

Everyone hates the injury bug -- it's the unavoidable bearer of bad news that bites teams every year no matter how hard they try or how diligent they are. … [Read more...]

Kelly Still Learning, Ready To Refocus Team

In the past decade or so around this time of the year we have been using phrases such as "hope springs eternal" or "everyone's undefeated in March" -- this year it's a little bit different. And it's not because there's no longer hope in South Bend, it's better than that -- the mentality has … [Read more...]

Notre Dame To ACC In 2013 Looking More Likely As Catholic 7 To Break Away From Big East In July

On Monday, NDTex did a fantastic job of laying out the three possible scenarios that seem to exist for Notre Dame when it comes to leaving the Big East for the ACC. In short, here are the three options: … [Read more...]