Good Fridays w/Padre: Break-Its

HLS EFS CSC Broken Bracket

So much excitement at this time of year about the Grand Tournament!  Especially this year since our team is, indeed, so grand!  Yet, I am always disturbed by the fixation with these so-called “Brackets.”  In that they are gambling, I remind you all that this is illegal – unless you’re an Alum in the stock market who makes lots of money and donates most to the University.  In that case, gamble away.  In another regard, these brackets somehow seek to make an academic science out of what is merely … [Read more...]

Padre on Padre

I am not one to give up a lot of credit. But Ted deserved it. What a man, what a national figure, what a priest! And I'm quite sure that the last title was closest to his heart. Theodore Martin Hesburgh was, first and foremost, a great priest. He loved the Sacraments and administered them with great care. He also loved Notre Dame. I set the place up, but Ted advanced us in a way no man ever had. Ted was smart, and gentle, and holy. It will be a century before we see a man of his stature … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Bad Ideas

HLS EFS CSC Student Athletes

Like the icicle that starts to form at the corner of the roof, it slowly grows until it’s a heavy, sharp, pointed thing that will impale you without warning.  It was fascinating to behold at one time, but it became a lethal sculpture that plunged through the window and left your room cold and wet.  This icicle is a metaphor for a Very Bad Idea, and many of them are forming at this time of year. Not surprising that an athletic conference, the source and summit of bad ideas, is the water … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Beating the Conundrums

HLS EFS CSC Foot and Basket

It’s an upside down world lately.  I feel like Ferdinand and Isabella when Columbus came back.  I mean I feel bewildered, not greedy and despotic.  If I wanted a comparison for greedy and despotic, I’d use ESPN.  I am bewildered at the odd inversions and reversals of these times.  The football team had a mediocre season, while the basketball team is in the top ten.  The Joyce Center picks up its 600th victory, while the Stadium ended the season with two wrenching losses.  The Stadium is becoming … [Read more...]

Good Fridays w/Padre: Era’s End


So the Freemasons have won.  Or the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Elders of the Priory of Sion – let’s just call them the E-lders of the S-ion P-riory freemasoNs.  They and their Rodent Overlord enjoy a complete victory; they have taken over college football and forced the creation of the playoff system that they have long wanted, and will long broadcast, for lots of money.  I mourn the passing of an era.  Gone are the days when the leading teams from regional affiliations of colleges would compete … [Read more...]