Moving to the Middle: Jaylon Smith

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Of the major changes taking place on, and of, the field for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, moving Jaylon Smith from outside- to inside-linebacker is likely going to be the more meaningful for the team's success in the 2014 campaign. By taking the five-star sophomore out of his comfort zone, Head … [Read more...]

Examining The Offense: Takeaways from the 2014 Blue-Gold Game


The 85th Annual Blue-Gold game had everything Irish fans could have hoped for: a new The Shirt, balmy temperatures, and solid, though not spectacular, QB-play from Messrs. Golson and Zaire. It was a scrimmage that gave us glimmers of excitement to come, as Greg Bryant, Corey Robinson, and Amir … [Read more...]

Scoring The Blue-Gold Game


The 85th iteration of Notre Dame's annual spring game is Saturday. Today, thanks to Sports Information Director, and possible punt-returner, Michael Bertsch, we offer an explanation of the game's format and scoring system. First, the game's first "half" will have regular clock running over two … [Read more...]

Recruiting News: HLS Lands Moran


Last week, in honor of what is apparently a not-universally-known day of fun and tom-foolery, we ran a satirical piece in which we poked fun at the ND blogosphere and parodied our own slow-paced mission to dominate said space. Today, we are extremely pleased to announce, for real, the addition of … [Read more...]

Notre Dames Completes Another Week as Spring Game Looms

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The end of last week saw The Irish football team complete their twelfth practice of the Spring session. It was the end of a week that saw them outside for the first time, until inclement weather forced them back inside. It was the end of a week that put the word “effective” at the fore of the … [Read more...]