Friday Roundup: Moving the Goalposts

Friday Roundup

Goalposts define space. They give us something to shoot for, to aim at. They represent a known, often set against a sea of uncertainty. This week has me thinking about goalposts, both real and perceived. Mississippi State yanked a scholarship offer from Chason Virgil, a three-star quarterback, who had been committed since May. Apparently, State has a "numbers issue" with its scholarships for the incoming class, so it makes sense that they'd pull one back from a … [Read more...]

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way, Everett


In the wake of Notre Dame's shattering loss to Northwestern, the short-comings and failures of the 2014 Fighting Irish touch every position group and go all the way up the coaching tree. But it is with Number Five that I find the most fault, for he has failed to lead the team in any manner that comes across on the field. While Brian Kelly was highly complimentary of his quarterback's leadership following last week's Arizona State loss, I did not see any on display yesterday. There's something … [Read more...]

Paying the Price for Playing the Mids


As Notre Dame heaves itself into the second week of the new College Football Playoff ranking scheme, it does so in the wake of its annual battle with the United States Naval Academy. For the Midshipmen, Notre Dame is one of three annual rivals and the only non-service academy it schedules every year. Notre Dame is also the only one that brings a ranking into the game with any consistency, if at all. But that's not to say that the Mids haven't played other "high-profile" teams in recent years. … [Read more...]

Navy Week: What to Expect

In a season that has seen more than enough words wasted on athletes behaving badly, this year's Navy football team offers a refreshing tonic. This Saturday will mark the 88th iteration of the historic rivalry between the Fighting Irish and the Naval Academy's Midshipmen and will take place under the lights at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. For the Redskins fans in attendance, it'll be nice to watch competent quarterback play by the home team for once. While the Irish lead the series 74-12-1, … [Read more...]

Smooth Seminole: An Auditory Apperitif

Via @RussellSauve

There are a couple hours left, and if you're like me, your pumped, waist-deep in your third Ramos gin fizz, and looking for some tunes to get you through until kickoff. Ladies and gentlemen, meine Damen und Herren, mesdames et messieurs, please, if you will, this: Smooth¬†Seminole music by M. Jackson, words by B. Irish As¬†he came into the classroomIt was the sound of a crescendoHe came into the apartmentHe left the crablegs on the carpetHe ran under … [Read more...]