Navy Week: What to Expect

In a season that has seen more than enough words wasted on athletes behaving badly, this year's Navy football team offers a refreshing tonic. This Saturday will mark the 88th iteration of the historic rivalry between the Fighting Irish and the Naval Academy's Midshipmen and will take place under the lights at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. For the Redskins fans in attendance, it'll be nice to watch competent quarterback play by the home team for once. While the Irish lead the series 74-12-1, … [Read more...]

Smooth Seminole: An Auditory Apperitif

Via @RussellSauve

There are a couple hours left, and if you're like me, your pumped, waist-deep in your third Ramos gin fizz, and looking for some tunes to get you through until kickoff. Ladies and gentlemen, meine Damen und Herren, mesdames et messieurs, please, if you will, this: Smooth Seminole music by M. Jackson, words by B. Irish As he came into the classroomIt was the sound of a crescendoHe came into the apartmentHe left the crablegs on the carpetHe ran under … [Read more...]

Wishing But One Man More

credit: Ever since I first saw it on the mouldering screen of the Snite's cinema, I have been enamored of Kenneth Branagh's version of the immortal Band of Brothers speech. For what it's worth, I think it better done, and better shot, than Sir Laurence Olivier's version from 1944. But think of what those words must have meant to an audience in England straining at the fetters of bombings and deprivations under the German's guns. To be among those chosen to return to … [Read more...]

Winning In The Trenches

Casualties 5 Oct 1914

In case you forgot, 2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War. By this date in that fateful and terrible year, the Belgians, French, and the tiny British Expeditionary Force had checked the rampant Hun at the Marne River and the collected masses of men became moles, digging and tunneling, ever to their flank, in a desperate race to turn the other side and end the slaughter. Mars' machines married Napoleon's principles in an orgy of horror that killed men on a soaring scale and … [Read more...]

Turnovers: They’re Not Just for Breakfast Anymore


But they are so tasty. And let's face it, as Autumn descends down along the bayou, my thoughts are turning to warm pastry crust and piping hot, pumpkin-spiced coffee. 2014 has, thus far, been a season of surprises. Thought you'd see a lot more of DaVaris Daniels than Phillip Daniels? Surprise! Thought you'd be swooning over the O-line and sweating over the D-line? Surprise! You get the idea. Something that might not be a surprise is the result of putting Everett Golson under center and … [Read more...]