Friday Roundup: The “Safety Transfer” Edition

Friday Roundup

Remember what I said last week about my plans? It turns out, the same applies to this little weekly column as well. After spending most of the night brainstorming ideas on what to write about, this happened. Avery Sebastian is now Irish and I'd be dumb to talk about anything else, really. The Cal graduate spent his career playing safety for the Golden Bears. He suffered an Achilles injury in the opener of his junior season, missing the remainder of the year and a good chunk of his senior … [Read more...]

RECORDING: Friday Roundup Recruiting Special!


It's been a while since I've posted some radio show audio as I haven't had a whole lot of Notre Dame focus as of late; however, the last couple of episodes have. The first of which (as named in the title) is a recruiting special that has a full segment of ND focus plus a look at the recruiting of the Irish's first opponent in 2015, the Texas Longhorns. Tyler James from and the South Bend Tribune joins me in the second segment to talk Irish recruiting. Mike Roach of … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “30 for 30″ Edition

Friday Roundup

What if I told you that a Hispanic, Protestant kid from Texas would end up running one of the largest Notre Dame Football sites on the internet... To be fair, you could insert a lot of things at the end of the above sentence. "Going to Notre Dame" alone would certainly be one of them as I distinctly remember telling my mother that my application would be a waste of money as I was certain ND would reject me. "Having a weekly radio show in DFW" certainly applies as well. That still boggles … [Read more...]

The Wait Is Over: Tim Brown & Jerome Bettis in Hall of Fame

Tim Brown and Jerome Bettis

The annual tradition of scratching our heads on the repeated snubs of Tim Brown and Jerome Bettis in the NFL Hall of Fame has finally come a welcome end. Both men have been elected as two of the eight members in the Hall of Fame class of 2015, the largest ever. Bettis, the former Notre Dame running back, finished his NFL career as the 5th leading rusher of all time with 13,662 yards. After becoming a six time all-pro and having 50 games of 100 rushing yards or more (a Steelers franchise … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Can We Keep the NFL Out of This?” Edition

Friday Roundup

After watching the Dallas Cowboys get bounced from the playoffs after a strange overturn of a Dez Bryant catch (cue Detroit Lions fans laughing at me), I figured I had enough NFL hijinks for the rest of the year. Instead, I've been treated to two solid weeks of a 2 PSI deflation in footballs as well as HOT TAKES on Marshawn Lynch's interview skills. For something so dumb, I have the usual reaction, but the NFL actually managed to make some headlines this week that had potential college football … [Read more...]