Friday Roundup: The “Game of Titles” Edition

Brace Yourself Blank ND A song of wins and losses shall resume its tune next week. The weekly battles shall resume as shall the feasts, drinking, joy, and pain. Brace yourselves, football is coming. Lord Brian Kelly is looking to lead his once proud house back to its former glory. The house of DuLac was once an undisputed king of the north and their influence extended across the realm. The game has changed and Lord Kelly is trying to change with it in the face of a … [Read more...]

Eric Hansen: Notre Dame and North Carolina Comparison “a rookie mistake”


When the flood gates opened this past Friday on the news that Notre Dame had opened up an investigation into academic fraud, perhaps the most damning quote came from the South Bend Tribune's Eric Hasen. In his original article (which has since been edited quite heavily as new information came to light), the ND football beat reporter said the following (which is now gone from the article): The probe, according to a source, goes back four years. The source also told the South Bend Tribune the … [Read more...]

Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy: Tight End


I haven't yet had a chance to partake in one of my favorite preview series that we do for Notre Dame football. While Bayou Irish has been absolutely killing it with that series, I asked if I could sneak in before the buzzer to get a post in. Thankfully, he agreed and I'm happy to throw out my picks for the top tight ends you will see this season on both the Irish and opposing sideline. THE IRISH: Ben Koyack, Senior, 6'5", 254 lbs These days, Notre Dame is most certainly "Tight End U". The … [Read more...]

Tex Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket

I figured before too long, I would finally get challenged to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone viral across social media. Yesterday, I was more than happy to accept, donate, and help spread awareness to this terrible and fatal disease that we still do not have a cure for. I have extended the challenge as a part of the on-going friendly #BlogWar to our fellow Notre Dame blogging friends The Subway Domer, One Foot Down, and Down the Tunnel. The main goal is for them to … [Read more...]

2014 Shamrock Series Uniforms Revealed


Well, it's that time of year. Media day, otherwise known as #Swatchmas aka "The Day We See the Shamrock Series Jerseys", has arrived. I must say that, once again, I am very pleasantly surprised with the look. Let's start the uniform review with what usually is the most controversial element every year: the helmet. This year, a lot was done to the helmet, but I must say it is an incredible look. The inspiration for the entire uniform came from the unique architecture on campus. As the … [Read more...]