Friday Roundup: The “Declaration of iNDependence” Episode

Friday Roundup

Yes, I used "ND" in the middle of a word. I don't care. Eye-roll away. Anyways, after yet another week full of hot takes on why Notre Dame's independence is the worst thing ever and should bar them from the college football playoffs, I felt it was time to devote a whole episode of the Friday Roundup to the topic. If you want a singular thing to pass on to someone that wonders why ND thinks it's so special and is independent, share this episode. If you want to show someone that a strong … [Read more...]

Notre Dame Football: Fear Factor


Traditionally, Biscuit will peruse the upcoming Notre Dame schedule and give his predictions, rating his confidence┬ávia dancing leprechaun GIFs.┬áToday, I am taking a slightly different spin on that process. I will examine the schedule and rate how terrified I am of each game. Let's be honest--as Notre Dame fans we are, at some level, panicking and fear inevitably take hold before every game. So this exercise is more than fitting. Anyone remember the show Fear Factor? The concept was to … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “Chat with Tyler” Episode

Friday Roundup

Every now and then, the Friday Roundup will go Notre Dame football-heavy and this was one of those episodes. In this episode, I have a good chat with Tyler James of the South Bend Tribune and We talk about the preview magazine, thoughts on the upcoming Notre Dame season, and I turn the tables on him and ask some of the questions that they asked the incoming freshman. Also appearing in this episode: the latest on the Ohio State QB situation, a nice little rant on … [Read more...]

Let’s Take a Look at What Else Isn’t in the NFL, Gary Pinkel

"Gary-Pinkel-Mizzou-vs-Nevada-Sept-13-08" by Jim Ross; cropped by User:Blueag9. - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Typically, when someone takes the hottest of hot takes on Notre Dame Football, it is for clicks/eyeballs to a publication. On occasion, we are ever so blessed to witness a coach release such a take. If we are incredibly lucky, the coach that decides to open their big mouth will also be one that really hasn't accomplished much in his career. /prays for easy offseason blog fodder /points to the sky and gives thanks For those … [Read more...]

Friday Roundup: The “SEC Media Days” Episode

Friday Roundup

The end to the offseason is nearly in sight. At least, that's what I like to tell myself when SEC Media Days roll around. In all honesty though, before we know it, quotes and sound bites from these mid-July pressers will give way to camps in August. At that point, the season is practically right around the corner. This episode of the Friday Roundup digs in to a couple of the highlights from this week's round of coach speak including Nick Saban finding yet another thing to bitch about while … [Read more...]