What’s New

With our recent upgrade and redesign of our site, we have been able to provide not just additional content, but also new features that our readers can use. All of the new features can be found below, but we are far from done upgrading HLS. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for future changes!

HLS 3.5 – February 23, 2014

Changes & New Features

Commenting system has been changed to Disqus. For more info, please refer to this post.

All previous comments have been imported into Disqus.

HLS Login widget has been removed on the sidebar and has been replaced by the SSO (single sign on) functionality of Disqus.

Recent comments widget has been removed as it is not compatible with Disqus.

Removed all external links from footer widgets (caused SEO issues for us and our friends & partners that we linked). This will be replaced with a new page soon.

WordPress core has been updated.

Breadcrumbs have been added for easier navigation.

General cleanup of categories and tags (will be ongoing).

Cloudflare re-enabled.

Bug Fixes

Errors in our sitemap generation have been fixed.

HLS 3.4 – September 4, 2013


Home Page now lists 4 recent articles, plus a featured article at the top of the page. All 5 articles now feature an image as well if there is one available.

Two forum widgets are now displayed: one for new threads and one for most recent replies. In the future, we hope to merge these.

The “click to quote” feature has been removed from the forums due to incompatibility issues. Quoting is still available via the quote BBCode tag.


All text in forum posts remains the same size. Previously, all text before the first line break would be smaller than the rest.

All future video embeds will now be completely responsive and will resize accordingly based on your browsing window size or if on mobile.

Twitter timeline widgets used in gameday open threads now update in real time as expected.

Known Issues

This is an older one, but I want to keep it logged: The site header image is still not responsive.

Home page still has some slight display issues on portrait mode for mobile. Landscape orientation is recommended for now.

HLS 3.3 – August 3, 2013


Web server changed from Apache to nginx.
Moved to the Synthesis hosting system.

HLS 3.2.1 – June 6, 2013


Addressed an issue in which bots were not being handled properly.

HLS 3.2 – June 3, 2013


Moved to the Genesis framework due to major issues with our previous theme. This change was done as an emergency need and thus, the following pages have been temporarily disabled:

  • News Section (News Feed still intact on all pages)
  • Video Section
  • Recruiting Section
  • “The Team” Page (under the “About” section)
  • HLS Top 25

All of the above will be brought back online as we are able to fix/update them to work with our new theme.


Forums now work again as expected.

All previously registered users have access to forums as expected.

Several performance issues have been addressed.

New Features

Clicking a reply link for a comment will now open a window immediately below the comment instead of sending you to the bottom of the page.

HLS is now responsive. We will continue to enhance this feature for easier mobile use.

You can once again use Twitter and Facebook to log in and comment.

HLS 3.1.2 – June 3, 2013

New Features

Threading now enabled in the forums

HLS 3.1.1 – September 7, 2012


“The Slide” plugin has been disabled. This plugin was causing issues for many users and we’ve received zero support from the plugin provider. We will look for a different solution to provide similar functionality.

Additional server-side changes have been made to continue in our efforts to improve performance and load times.

HLS 3.1 – September 6, 2012

New Features

Improved performance and loading times throughout the site.

The @herloyalosns Twitter feed now process all posts plus all News, Video, and Recruiting posts as well. Finally, a true feed for all the new features of the site!

Bug Fixes

Categories and Tags now properly display for blog posts.


“Popular Topics” forum plugin has been changed to “Recent Topics” as the popularity function of the plugin is broken.

HLS 3.0.2 – August 18, 2012


Removed “HLS Login” from all pages except the forums to reduce confusion of its function. The login in the forums has also been renamed “HLS Forums Login”.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue with the Contact page. The page now displays in all browsers as expected, including mobile.

HLS 3.0.1 – August 15, 2012

Bug Fixes

The edit post function in the forums now works again as expected.

Posts in the forums can now be viewed by topic tags again.

The visual editor in the forums has been disabled as it insert HTML instead of BBC Code as expected.

Disqus plugins now no longer improperly append ” | Her Loyal Sons” to post titles.

HLS 3.0 – August 13, 2012

New Content

Added new areas for News, Videos, and Recruiting.

The News section replaces our old bit.ly feed. Our new News widgets will grab the headlines we curate and allow readers to visit those sites directly. News posts can also be visited individually and will contain our reactions and comments as well as space for readers to comment and discus.

The Video section is our curated feed of the best Notre Dame content we can find. It’s just like News, but with moving pictures.

The Recruiting section is our biggest change. There you will find recruiting bios, tables to keep up with classes “at a glance”, the latest recruiting headlines from the web, and also a feed of the latest blog posts dealing with recruiting.

Please be aware that we are still tireless adding new content. We do not have every video category filled, our new news feeds are still growing, and we will have all our recruits uploaded in the near future. Our team is working tirelessly on getting this done ASAP!

Disqus Commenting System

We have ditched the old WordPress commenting system in favor of Disqus. Don’t worry all the old comments have been imported over and haven’t been lost!

This new system allows for logins via Twitter, Facebook, as well as the old classic style of just providing your email. The beauty though, is that all the above links to a Disqus account that allows you to personalize your profile, avatar, and settings across all websites that use Disqus, not just HLS.

Other features of Disqus include notifications of replies to your comments on any post at any site, a like/star rating system that will rank the overall discussion thread, an upvote/down vote system for individual comments (think Reddit), and tools to allow you to find things like the most popular discussions on HLS and the top posters in our community.


The bbPress forums have also gotten a software upgrade and a major face-lift.

The forums are now split into two separate sections: The Sideline (for all ND and football talk) and The Backer (for everything else), making it easier to find and talk about your subject of choice.

The forums also now feature the ability to create a custom signature when you edit your personal profile.

Don’t know BBC Code? Don’t worry about it! The forum features a new posting interface that will allow you to format your posts and signatures through a simple visual interface. No code knowledge needed! [Edit: As of 3.0.1 this visual interface has been disabled as it posted HTML instead of BBC Code resulting in improperly formatted posts]

A quoting feature has been added. To quote a post, simply click “quote” on a user’s post and you will automatically have your perfectly formatted text in the post editor.

A “View” option has been added. Click on any of links provided to sort topics by popularity, those with no replies, or the most recent activity.

Finally, a forum search has also been added (works separately from the usual HLS search).

Amazon.com Affliate

We are now an Amazon.com affiliate. This means that if you click on any Amazon banner or link on our site, like this one, and buy anything at Amazon, you also help HLS pay the bills! This means you can support HLS by just buying what you usually would, but adding just another click to the process.

HLS has also created what is known as an aStore. Here, we have curated the best Notre Dame gear and memorabilia (as well as some tailgating essentials) that we could find on Amazon. The aStore allows you to shop at Amazon directly from HLS–think of it as a Amazon powered fan shop right here at HLS.

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