Back in the spring of 2006, domer_mq (aka Matt Quiron) and The Biscuit (aka [REDACTED]) founded Her Loyal Sons, although one could argue that HLS has been around since 1996 when the two were on Notre Dame’s campus. Much has changed since then, including MQ’s retirement and, later, Tex’s; in fact, Biscuit is now the only original member left on the HLS team.

Despite the changes, the content and goal of HLS never has. We are still the same independent, analytical, and occasionally snarky voice that has always defined HLS.

At HLS, we will guarantee that you will get our honest opinions on all things Notre Dame, popular or not. We will also always give our readers the space and voice to disagree. We want to encourage solid, intellectual debate and discussion–come armed with facts though, bringing a knife to a gun fight will end poorly.

As we continue to grow, we look to build not just our pageview numbers, but the community here at HLS. Be to check out our wonderful partners that helps us keep the lights on while you are poking around as well.

And as always, GO IRISH!

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