Tex Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I figured before too long, I would finally get challenged to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has gone viral across social media. Yesterday, I was more than happy to accept, donate, and help spread awareness to this terrible and fatal disease that we still do not have a cure for.

I have extended the challenge as a part of the on-going friendly #BlogWar to our fellow Notre Dame blogging friends The Subway Domer, One Foot Down, and Down the Tunnel. The main goal is for them to donate, with the ice bath being a very distant secondary goal.

The next logical step in my mind was to use the platform I have here at HLS to potentially reach thousands of more eyes to raise awareness and get some donations to this worthy cause.

This isn’t an exercise to draw traffic to HLS so we can increase our ad revenue. In fact, you will notice that this post has removed our usual sidebar to hide these ads so the focus can remain where it should be: donations and awareness to help fight ALS.

In fact, even since I did the challenge yesterday, I have learned the genesis of this movement. Before we get to my own video, I want to share and spread the story how this all got started: a former Boston College baseball player, Pete Frakes, who is fighting ALS.

SC Featured: Pete’s Challenge

Now you know the story of how these millions of ice baths got started. And why I donned a pair of swim trunks and a Figthing shirt to do this myself.

To all our loyal readers, I send out an additional challenge to go donate so we can find a cure. Every little bit counts.

Go Irish. Beat ALS.

Edit [8/21]: Here’s another video that got shared with me last night. Come for the hilarious take on an ice bucket challenge, stay for the touching explanation of what his viral sensation means to a person currently fighting ALS.

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