Everyone Hates Michigan Including Michigan

Some of the folks at Reddit, specifically those of the subreddit /r/cfb, had a little bit of offseason fun. They did a very unscientific poll asking their fellow redditors where they were from and which college football team they hated the most.

The poll had some issues with people vote spamming and the whole thing really being another case of the internet being the internet. But because of internet reasons that didn’t take another redditor from making the following map from the results:

Via /u/kmhokies35 by way of /r/cfb

Via /u/kmhokies35 by way of /r/cfb

Clearly, everyone hates Michigan, including Michigan.

Is the poll scientifically valid? Not in the least, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun trolling Michigan with it.

Or at least that was the logic I had when I posted this on Twitter last night:

For one reason or another, this tweet was picked up by Phil Hecken of Uni Watch and he tweeted it to the masses. Again, because this is the internet and no one really takes the time to follow the news to the source, Phil’s followers were immediately drawn offsides by this exercise in offseason boredom.

Due to the fact folks on Twitter are also too lazy to remove other innocent bystanders in tweets, my mentions became flooded with hilarity. Here are some of the highlights that cracked me up:

In the end though, I believe there is one hate map that we can all agree on:

EDIT: And /r/cfb heard the cries of injustice and took out the spam votes. Here’s a more accurate map if you’re into that sort of thing


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  • Bill Meehan

    I prefer the original map. I just think it does a really good point of showing that Oregon/Washington may do the best job of rallying support for unified hatred of another state.

    It doesn’t surprise me though that ND didn’t win any states. ND’s probably the school that the most people hate, but that doesn’t make it the school that most people hate the most.

    • http://www.herloyalsons.com Ryan Ritter

      I’m surprised they actually didn’t phrase the poll “pick three teams you hate the most” because that probably would’ve given some more expected results.

      I mean, you already have a sample size problem by limiting this to Reddit. That probably would’ve given a more logical distribution.

  • trey

    Yeah, I didnt think the original really made sense. Alabama had to be either an image of either Auburn or Bama, I cant imagine that many more people hate Ole Miss. And each state basically hates their own biggest in-state team? Nah

  • KyNDfan

    I knew Nevada was good for something! Also nice to see most Californians aren’t idiots. The fact that UK is hated here could result in a death threat to the creator of this map. Cat fans are known for taking it too far. Fair warning.