Notre Dame Fall Camp Practice #1 Report (August 4, 2014)

Yesterday, Notre Dame football kicked off fall camp at the Culver Academies. The long offseason is quickly coming to a close and we have some actual football things to look at.

Let’s dive headfirst with two practice recaps. One from WatchND and another from the Elkhart Truth:

Some quick observations:

  • I am so, so happy to see Everett back under center (or back in the gun taking snaps, whatever).
  • I know we are only getting a sliver of the practice, but all passes in the tape were all on target.
  • Tarean Folston looks damn good. One a couple of those runs he already looked to be in full stride well past the hole.
  • Speaking of rushing, I’m super happy the read option will be a thing again (see bullet point #1).
  • I spy a pistol formation. Yes, please.
  • It looks like our DBs are going for very aggressive press coverages more often than not.
  • Related, I think several of those broken up passes would’ve been flagged for holding or pass interference.

Finally, WatchND had a couple of other videos after the practice. An interview with Sheldon Day and a post-practice “presser” with Brian Kelly:

We’re almost there, Loyal Readers. Just 25 days to go.

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  • trey

    Re: Pass Interference…here are the plays I saw in the first video that jumped out as possible fouls:
    1:42 – No Foul. Cody Riggs puts his hand on the receiver but does not restrict him at all
    2:10- No Foul. Great defense by Collinsworth
    2:38 – MAYBE Def Holding here but it was so far before the ball was thrown no DPI. Holding is very slight
    3:10 – Close, but no foul for a hook and turn. The turn seems to come after the ball is caught.
    3:27 – Our first guaranteed DPI by Farley. Big time grab and restrict
    3:40 – No foul. There is a hook of the waist by Atkinson but no turn.
    3:45 – If you’re really picking boogers, you could make a call for DPI restriction here, but it is ticky tack
    3:50 – Def Hold or DPI depending on when the ball is thrown.