Introducing the HLS 2014 Notre Dame Football Season Primer

Recently, the fine folks at Fighting Irish Digital Media have released a video that serves as a “primer” to hype all Notre Dame fans for the impending season.

This year, now that we have a video maven, Superman Touchdown Jesus, in the fold, he wanted to get HLS involved in the primer video game. He certainly delivered:

I don’t think I’ve stopped laughing yet.

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  • Bill Meehan

    That was awesome. I love it.

  • Mark

    Hahahaha! Awesome!

  • trey

    Great job. Coincidentally, I love the new Al CD

  • SupermanTDJesus

    Im glad you’ve all enjoyed it! Thanks for watching!

  • Bayou Irish

    I’ve watched four things in my life that have affect me deeply: 1.) Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke; 2.) that scene in Private Ryan when Phoebe’s brother from Friends dies; 3.) my daughter; and 4.) this video. I am now ready to throw on a set of pads and kick some ass, in the figurative sense, of course.