Rudy Explains the College Football Playoff

This has been a rather busy morning for the powers-that-be of the new College Football Playoff.

First, all college teams can put their crystal football dreams to rest. That trophy is no more and has been replaced by the following:

Now, that trophy has been met with all kinds of reactions ranging from positive to vulgar female anatomy comparisons; however, the bigger reveal had to be Sean Astin reprising his role as Rudy and outlining a dream bigger than playing for Notre Dame:

A highlight for me is the historical inaccuracy of Rudy referencing the BCS computer polls which weren’t in existence during his day (nor really was the idea of wide-spread access to them). In his day, actual human beings did decide the National Champion via their polls so perhaps the idea of using humans instead of computers isn’t as ground-breaking as he believes it is.

Whatever–forget the semantics this video is hilarious.

Also, in before people start complaining that Notre Dame is already receiving unfair ESPN bias by appearing in the first CFB commercial while conveniently ignoring that they are the company that now owns the SEC Network along with the Longhorn Network.

EDIT: Leigh Torbin, assistant PR for ND athletics, has a bit of clarification on the crystal football trophy:

Good to know the crystal will still be around!

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  • JimP

    ESPN Bias TOWARDS Notre Dame?! Is that a joke?! ESPN dislikes ND except for the rare occasion when it can make them money. All other times it’s about promoting their brand. The Longhorn and SEC networks are their primary breadwinners. Watch how those programs committed recruits slowly rise up the rating boards, while non-ESPN affiliated leagues commitments slowly drop, as the year goes on. Funny how that works.

    Right now, they can make money with Rudy in a commercial. They have nothing to lose. Let’s see how much ND gets promoted when the real playoff discussions take place. They’ll have Holtz as their set up man for Mark May to take shots at but the powers that be will use every excuse imaginable to degrade a one-loss ND team to try and keep them out of the playoffs despite the strength of schedule. It will happen. You know it will. They will even take shots at our positives and try and make them sound negative. “Well they only played 10 bowl teams this year so that should work against them.” ESPN is a joke and every fan that thinks ESPN favors ND MUST be a hater.

    • JJL


    • Ryan Ritter

      Yes, it was a joke. I thought I made that clear by referencing the SEC Network and Longhorn Network, but I guess not.